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Totally Radical: Web Animation
  • Coach Z fits this trope. He loves to rap (badly), and uses dated slang.
    • Parodied on Homestar Runner, in Strong Bad Email #164, looking old. Strong Bad fears he's losing the "youth vote" of "young parsons who eat their yogurt through a tube", and thus calls an "emergency marketing meeting". The Cheat suggests frenetic, MTV-style editing, while Bubs thinks adding a lowercase "i" to the front of words is a good idea. Ultimately he undergoes a "lace-lift" which results in the opposite of the intended effect so that he ends up looking and sounding like his own great-grandmother.
    • In SBEmail #197, Strong Bad panics over not being cool. His idea of having "edge" are basically self-destructive and oddly passe. Even Strong Sad takes advantage.
    • Acknowledged yet avoided by the Teen Girl Squad, as their Totally Radical slang is so ridiculous, it can't be anything but fake.
      Cheerleader: Okay, my Spanish Galleons!
    • Their 2010 April Fools gag is a Totally Radical revamp of the characters with Xtreme Kool Letterz. They're revamped for the nineties...a decade or two late.
  • Several of the "Awesome" videos on Newgrounds use this trope for comic effect with characters such as Sonic and Gray Fox. "Yo yo yo B-boy Snake-Dawg-G..."
  • My client has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of chilling out!
  • The LeBrons is built on this trope, primarily due to being aimed towards African-American audiences.
  • In Lucky Day Forever, the Whites's society is built on this trope in an attempt to show that their way of life is desirable.

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