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Took A Level In Jerkass: Comic Books
  • The title character of Funky Winkerbean was something of a pessimist as an adult, but still mostly a nice guy. After Time Skip #2, he became a grumpy, avaricious Jerk Ass.
  • Hank Pym in the Marvel Universe, though this fluctuates Depending on the Writer.
  • Although he was already kind of a jerk, Iron Man during the Civil War/Secret Invasion period was borderline approaching villain status. Thankfully, the movie helped him to get the better of it.
  • Batman has an on-and-off again history of this. All-Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder probably takes the cake. Also to a huge extent in JLA: Act of God, infamously.
  • Nearly every incarnation of The Hulk goes through periods where he goes from Woobie to Jerkass Woobie to just plain Jerkass.
    • Then again, it's The Hulk. His superpower is taking a level in both badass and jerkass.
  • Most of the New Mutants in recent years, but especially Cannonball.
    • A New X-Men example with Hellion. While already a tremendous ass to begin with, he somehow still managed to take another level after his hands got blow'ed up by Bastion.
  • Namor with his oxygen-processing problem.
  • Power Girl with her diet soda processing problem.
  • In his earlier appearances, Curt Connors of Spider-Man was a reasonably sympathetic character when he wasn't the Lizard, and even as the Lizard retained some protective instincts towards his family. He was retconned into being Evil All Along, and as of The Gauntlet he completely lost control of the Lizard persona and killed and ate his own son. After that, his more sympathetic characterization likely won't be coming back any time soon.
    • The Evil All Along ret-con was pretty much ret-conned itself after the story that introduced the idea, as no other writer has used it since then.
  • Natalie "Envy" Adams from Scott Pilgrim Volume 3 took a several year course in jerk-assery and passed with an A+++. In college, "Nat" used to be a nerd who had a lot of anime stuff in her dorm, didn't see the point of partying hard, and dated Scott for a long while. Her, Scott, Stephen Stills, and two insignificant others started a band called "Kid Chameleon" that ended up becoming pretty popular, eventually cornered by record labels. Having undergone some character development, she wanted to sign the band up to a label against Scott's (the band founder's) wishes, who just wanted to make a band to have fun and meet chicks. Being in a popular band apparently made her much less shy and she became more confident in herself. But in the bad way. She ended up becoming a huge bitch that virtually no other character liked that broke Scott's heart and started a band with Todd Ingram, her boyfriend and Ramona's third evil ex-boyfriend, and a drummer named Lynnette Guycott that Todd ended up cheating on Envy with. And for some reason or another, she started hating her real name, insisted everyone called her Envy, and started smoking, something Scott detests rather greatly (not that any of that stuff is super-relevant, just sayin').

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