Too Dumb To Live: Advertising

  • An Audi car commercial involved a party of vampires being incinerated by the bright headlights of the car being advertised. Aside from a few behind cover coming up (possibly because they didn't connect the silence with being something deadly and wanted to see what was happening), the vampire driving the car gets out...and walks into the path of the headlights. He is incinerated.
  • The "Don't Text While Driving" PSAs invoke this, showing testimonials of families who have lost loved ones who were paying more attention to their texting than the road.
  • One early advertising campaign for GEICO featured something like this; each animated short had a curious man doing something really dumb (like walking up to a cannon and then pressing a button next to it, causing the cannon to fire in his face), at which point the voiceover announcer would say, "We all do dumb things. Paying too much for car insurance doesn't have to be one of them."
  • Another GEICO example: "Horror Movie". Even the Killer does an eye roll and has a look on his face that simply says "Yeah these kids are so stupid they need to die".
  • The people from the Jack Links Beef Jerky "Messin' With Sasquatch" commercials. Seriously, it's not worth it for just a few laughs!
  • An Australian Metro safety ad presents a three-minute song: "Dumb Ways to Die".
  • The "you're doing it wrong" parts of almost all infomercials. If a blanket is too complicated for you, you're a complete liability to the entire human race.
  • A commercial for Totino's Pizza Rolls features two boys calling their mom because they're hungry and can't find the box of pizza rolls—in a nearly-empty freezer, with the box in plain sight to anyone who doesn't just stare at one spot.