Title Drop / Pinball

  • The Twilight Zone: Rod Serling (or at least his voice actor) regularly puts Title Drops in his voice clips.
  • Whenever you start a game of Attack from Mars, the opening narration contains one of these:
    "Reports are coming in from all over the world... The Earth is under attack! An attack... from Mars!"
  • When going to "Stiff-O-Meter" mode in Scared Stiff:
    The Stiff in the Coffin: Turn out the lights, it's time to get Scared Stiff!
  • The Attract Mode of Black Hole has a Machine Monotone voice asking "Do you dare to enter the black hole?"
    • An alternate one goes "No one escapes the black hole!"
  • Done in one of the Attract Mode displays for Big Bang Bar.
  • A variation occurs in Metallica, where the titles of the band's various songs and albums are used throughout the game, especially in the callouts and game modes.
  • "Pin Bot...circuits...activated!"