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Throw The Dog A Bone: Web Original
  • In Happy Tree Friends, Cuddles (the character who has died the most) and Giggles (the runner-up) are in a relationship. Episodes showing this, however, end with both of them dying horribly...except for one. The recent episode "I Nub You" had them as a counterpoint to the romance between Handy and the newly-handless Petunia. (Cuddles pushes Giggles on a swing: Handy finds doing the same tricky, so they just ride a see-saw; Cuddles and Giggles hold hands: Handy and Petunia tie their bandages together, and so on) Although Petunia and Handy, as the stars of the episode, die horribly, Cuddles and Giggles get to live. I thought it was rather sweet.
  • Santa Christ wiping The Star Wars Holiday Special from The Nostalgia Critic's mind. Seeing as how the Critic was pretty much made to be abused... we guess even Doug and Rob have limits.
    • The ending of his "Commercials Special" is more obvious. After being nearly completely broken, he gets his confidence back through a song.
    • "Sequels Month" saw the Critic being put through the wringer by some incredibly bad movies. The next video after that was Dungeons & Dragons, in which he was upbeat, enthusiastic and thought the film was fantastic So Bad, It's Good fun.
  • At the end of Suburban Knights, Linkara finally gets to sing something.
    • Earlier, there was the reveal that That Dude in the Suede was the next guardian, which not only lead to a very sweet reunion for many of the reviewers, but meant that the very tired crew was spared one fight and were lead directly to the Gauntlet.
  • Fluffy Pony is based around cute little fluffies ponies suffering. When a story or picture comes along with any fluffies being happy without any drawbacks, it's like throwing a bone to the whole species.

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