Throw It In / Literature

  • R. A. Salvatore was working on a Forgotten Realms novel starring a barbarian named Wulfgar. His editor called and told him the book needed a sidekick... now. Salvatore panicked for a moment, then says, "A drow... Yeah, a drow ranger... Drizzt Do'Urden, of D'aermon N'achezbaeron, Ninth House of Menzoberranzan." Thus began the life of the dark elf that launched a million copycats (and mispronunciations).note 
  • James Joyce was plagued by problems with his eyes. This led to a frequent need to employ the use of dictation when writing Finnegans Wake. During one session, someone knocked on the door and Joyce said, "Come in," which the typist accidentally added to the text. Joyce told him to keep it.
  • Commander Vimes from the Discworld was thrown together from clichés so Carrot would have someone to interact with after arriving in Ankh-Morpork. He ended up taking on a life of his own and becoming one of the most interesting and important characters in the series.
  • In the James Bond novels, Bond originally drove a Bentley, which was destroyed in Moonraker. As Ian Fleming was working on Goldfinger, he recieved a letter saying "I hope you have the decency to fix Bond up with a decent bit of machinery - I would suggest an Aston Martin". The Aston went on to become the iconic Bond car. He switched Bond's Weapon of Choice from a somewhat underpowered .25ACP Beretta to the iconic Walther PPK in similar circumstances, even partially basing the initial characterisation of Q on the author of the letter.
    • Fleming was also impressed enough by Sean Connery's performance in the movies that he made Bond canonically Scottish.