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  • The inclusion of commentary on wrestlers not even in the game.
  • Every year, when it comes to attires. For example, the haphazard way that someone will be missing a signature piece of entrance attire whilst other people (who don't wear anything to the ring) will be wearing their merch.
    • Taken further with Shawn Michaels & Triple H in 2011 - Shawn's only costume (on the disc) is his D-X gear, whilst Triple H has his singles gear, civilian clothes & an injured attire but not his D-X gear. And Shawn's DLC alternate? It's classic HBK.
    • Due to the fact that WWE changes more often than the weather, it's inevitable for some wrestlers to have outdated attires, but the Divas are often given attires that are multiple months or even a year out of date, probably because the devs just slap their models together as quickly as possible so that they can move on to more important people. For example, Alicia Fox's attire in WWE 2K16 was from Survivor Series 2014 and Mickie James' attire in SVR 2010 was her orange and blue attire that she hadn't worn since mid-2008 having switched to wearing leather tights, darker colors and a cap in her entrance by that point. The worst of all is Emma, also in 2K16 who had turned heel and received a new attire, music, titantron and entrance by the game's cutoff point, was just copied and pasted from 2K15 with only her music changednote . This is despite the fact that Naomi was given her updated heel attire, music, tron and entrance while debuting it around the same time as Emma's heel turn.
    • In relation to the above, Shawn Michaels had the same black, red and white chaps that he wore at WrestleMania 21 from SVR 2006 to SVR 2009. And the PS2 version of SVR 2010. That's four (or five) games in a row with the same attire!
  • A minor is the CAW weight system. It's pointless since the game never announces your billed weight and it gets removed entirely in WWE 2K14
  • Inaccurate movesets tend to pop up, but this is even more prominent with the pre-set CAW movesets in recent games.
    • Not to mention inaccurate move-animations. Once-dominant Diva Beth Phoenix went several installments without her "Glam Slam" finisher (being fobbed off with Jazz's "Bitch Clamp"), and Kofi Kingston had a gut kick setting up his "Trouble In Paradise", which he never does setting it up, until WWE 2k14. There are even cases of a perfectly good animation being removed and replaced with a half-assed, inaccurate one. An example of this is the Stinger Splash. The Stinger Splash animation in 2K15 was, despite lacking hangtime, a good animation. In 2K16, it was removed and replaced with a generic big man splash, which made Sting look like he weighed 400 pounds when executing it. The previous year's Stinger Splash was later patched in and this time looked more impactful.
  • "And this should be an amazing contest between these two men" is chuckle worthy when used in a Divas match.
  • Turning Eddie Guerrero into a Composite Character of his "Latino Heat" & Los Guerreros personas. It especially makes no sense, since the two games that do it (WWE '13 & WWE 2K14) are supposed to be featuring the Eddie of a specific era.
  • Not only had the options to create wrestlers not been updated at all since 2010 (until it was severely downgraded in 2K15) for some reason you cannot have logos on sleeves or shoulders, making some customization options very difficult. It can be worked around by making a shirt sleeve and logo body art, but really you shouldn't have to.
  • In Create a Finisher mode, there is no decent transition hold if you switch Front To Back besides the Cobra Clutch.
  • Even after the overhaul of the creation suite in 2010's edition, facial hair and some of the clothing still appears to be painted on. The skin textures were pretty poor, especially for Diva CAWs, who all look like the same person with different hair or skin color. Why? The Divas only have four body types, Normal, Skinny, Thick and Obese and they all (except for Skinny, which has ribs showing) have the same skin texture. Trying to create a muscular Diva such as Chyna, Beth Phoenix or Kaitlyn gets pretty annoying since increasing the size of the parts makes them look fat, not muscular. No wonder so many people hack the games.
  • From '13 onwards. the announcer defaults to calling all tag teams and stables "The Agents" even if they're a real life stable like The Shield or Tons of Funk, so it sounds like every single person who's part of a tag team is representing the same nebulous organization.
  • It's impossible for teams to not be announced be name. If they don't have a name, they will be called "The Agents" by default. Even when you turn off the single entrance announcement, you will still be announced as a member of your organization in singles matches (Representing [insert stable name here]) leading to your opponent(s) being announced as representing "The Agents" even if they're not part of a stable.
  • After the adding the Catch Finisher you can't Air-RKO someone through a table but you can do other Catch finishers through a table. You can however trip people through tables.
  • You can make your opponent bleed with moves such as a piledriver or a Reverse DDT note 
  • Using Rey Mysterio's pyro goes of at the same time instead of one at a time.
  • The Extreme Rules option in the Match Creator doesn't work during Triple Threat and Fatal Four Way match.
  • When assigning move damage, The Miz's finisher, the Skull-Crushing Finale, gives damage to... the body. This was finally changed in 2K16, but only after the game's first patch.
  • Using the advanced Create-An-Entrance mode allows you to piece together an unique entrance from the various entrances already in the game. However, you still need to pick a preset entrance in the event you put a championship on the character using that entrance, rather than the game just having the belt worn around the waist by default.
  • When the ability to carry multiple championships to the ring was added, only a handful of superstars were given versions of their entrances where they carried multiple belts to the ring. Everyone else has to make do with the generic entrances, and the multiple belt entrances override tag team entrances - so in the 2010 game, you couldn't have the Unified Tag Team champions enter as a team.
  • It's possible to have a First Blood match online...despite blood being permanently disabled in online modes, making the match type pointless and causing it to just drag on forever.
  • From SvR 2009 to WWE 2K14 at launchnote , the Inverted DDT that resembled the Scorpion Death Drop was nowhere to be found. THQ and Yuke's were well aware that, until 2K15 at least, Sting was probably the most commonly created wrestler (they even put in face paint, tights and scorpions clearly intended to make him) yet one of his finishing moves was missing. Players who created Sting had to settle for a move that somewhat resembled it, such as a scoop-lift version, the one that Christian does (falls forwards instead of backwards), the Saving Grace (a lifting version), or a reverse neckbreaker, none of which suffice. Or just create Surfer Sting, who did not use the move.
  • It's probably not reasonable to expect 2K to care that much about the last-gen consoles, but the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of WWE 2K15 & WWE 2K16 were not given a lot of the fancy upgrades that PS4 and Xbox One received. Notably, the Create-an-Arena is the exact same as in previous versions, lacking the ability to place props and import custom logos (other than those drawn in the Paint Tool) as well as lacking the features associated with Create-a-Show. The Create-an-Arena mode in the last-gen versions also features the same frustrating inability to properly resize logos that was introduced in 2K14. The PS3/360 in-match gameplay is also largely unchanged from previous entries, such as the Breaking Point submission system and the lack of chain wrestling. Essentially, it seems like 2K just took 2K14, gave it the updated roster and arenas, and called it good for the last-gen consoles. On the flip side of this, the PS3 and 360 versions allow for custom soundtracks to be used in Create-an-Entrance, which is missing from the next-gen versions due to Sony and Microsoft not providing native MP3 support on their consoles.

SmackDown: Just Bring It

  • The save file takes 4 megabytes. The PS2 Memory Cards have a maximum capacity of 8.
  • Story Mode - It lasts 3 matches (If you go after the WWE title), is the only way to change the title holders in the game, and you'll need to play it over and over to unlock everything.

SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain

  • Ric Flair comes out to the Evolution theme, rather than his iconic long term theme, "Also Sprach Zarathustra". It's not a case of not being able to get the rights (It's in the public domain), Naitch just comes out to the Evolution theme.

SmackDown Vs. Raw

  • Ric Flair features a terrible cover of "Also Sprach Zarathusa" as his entrance theme. Again, the original song's in the public domain. This cover was originally used during Flair's original run with the WWF in 1992. Why the company bothered covering a public domain song in the first place is anyone's guess, and why Yukes used that version of the song instead of the original - which Flair was using in his WWE run at that point - is frankly baffling.
  • While the story mode is detailed, the user's choice of wrestler and the random insertion of wrestlers into the stories leads to some very out of character moments. The highlight is probably one of the final story lines that sees the wrestler you choose taking on a random wrestler that's paired up with Trish Stratus. In one cut scene, said wrestler calls you a loser and grabs Trish's hand, announcing that they're leaving. Sometimes, this wrestler is The Undertaker; one can only imagine what he was thinking when he was in the booth delivering such out of character lines.
    • It gets better when he is trying to win Torrie Wilson's contract the following year, though Fridge Brilliance kicks in if you take that he's not trying to win Torrie, but free her. This comes about while looking into ran down Teddy Long after all, as someone who in Real Life cares that deeply about the business why wouldn't he go Papa Wolf like he did when Batista tried to get divas fired?

SmackDown Vs. Raw 2006

  • In SvR 2006, the story mode featured quite a few glaring omissions or mistakes to the story mode. For example, on Raw's story after the Royal Rumble, Vince McMahon calls out Eric Bischoff and fires him, and also has the wrestler you are playing as go after JBL. JBL could kick your ass and beat you without breaking a sweat, but the following week, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler will tout your overwhelming success against JBL. The reason? Eric Bischoff's gone and instead of the "new company" storyline, you have the "revolving door General Manager" storyline put in place.
  • Also, part of Raw's storyline was that Eric Bischoff was stripping championships to make the program unwatchable. Edge & Christian do not get their belts stripped if they retain at Survivor Series. Then again, giving his penchant for rewarding heel champions while making life difficult for baby face champions, it would make some sense.
    • Though that logic does not explain why he would take away your Intercontinental belt if you were a heel.
  • Ric Flair is heavily dominant in the story mode, yet has no lines whatsoever. Considering how spends part of it with a neck brace (while still wearing his wrestling gear and not formal wear), it makes you wonder if they were trying to make the Nature Boy look as goofy as possible.

SmackDown Vs. Raw 2007

  • You like CAW mode? You like the detail of customizing different wrestlers? You like filling the roster with different versions of John Cena or your fave video game and comic characters? Yeah...most of the options were culled from Create a Wrestler mode compared to the previous year. It's functional but far more difficult to make up accurate representations of characters.
  • Jim Ross will sometimes call a chair shot a Stone Cold Stunner.
  • The Rock does not have any teeth.

SmackDown Vs. Raw 2008

  • In SvR 2008, the career mode (24/7 Mode) is horrible: You are given a choice at several points, but no matter which one you pick, it will go with the scripted one, ie: You will always be forced to choose Kenny Dykstra as a tag partner at one point, even after he screws you by not showing up the first time (He doesn't show up the second time either), you MUST surrender the title after Shane and Stephanie McMahon threaten you with even worse situations than they put you through so far, thus making it impossible (barring rare occasions where it correctly worked) to compete for the world title at WrestleMania. Having no true choice in the story lines (which was one of the things that made the series so enjoyable before this game) pissed off a HUGE amount of fans.
    • This is actually a bug that can be fixed by simply not deleting the emails (where you make the choices). For some reason deleting the emails causes it to go with the default option.
  • This is even worse on the Nintendo DS version. On Raw or Smack Down, you start off and can get a title opportunity against the brand's top champion (who is tired of beating up the same people, as the generic script will have them say). You triumph, and the GM strips you of your belt and sends you to the other brand, where it takes you an entire year just to get a shot at the secondary title. And, don't bother with the ECW storyline, as your invasion force consists of either CM Punk or... Snitsky.
  • The Rock's model was simply taken from 2007 and he still does not have any teeth.

SmackDown Vs. Raw 2009

  • In the Elimination Chamber, whips to the corner turnbuckles did not work and the wrestler simply ran in place never reaching them. That's a pretty big design flaw to leave in a game.

SmackDown Vs. Raw 2010

  • Create an entrance movie for your wrestler. We'll wait until the game crashes when trying to play it.
  • The WrestleMania match for Edge in his Road to WrestleMania story requires you to essentially beat your opponent and get out of the cage before Maria arrives, which is about 2 minutes in. Once she does, you have basically lost as the game will "freeze" Edge in place.
  • Oh, and never mind the "press button to activate scene" in the Road to WrestleMania if there was something you don't want to see (i.e. Edge running into a turnbuckle).
  • Cryme Tyme & Michelle McCool both have incorrect entrance music. Cryme Tyme has their original theme instead of their updated theme and Mc Cool's is a rock remix.
  • Dolph Ziggler, Legacy, The Bella Twins, and Ezekiel Jackson all got their new theme songs from the Summer 2009 in the game...but poor Evan Bourne got stuck with "Axeman", his original instrumental theme, even though "Born To Fly" debuted only weeks after the others mentioned above. Not even the "pilot" intro from the last month or two of "Axeman"'s usage made it in.

SmackDown Vs. Raw 2011

  • Literally two thirds of the moves have been culled from this game, and spot grapples and an interactive announce table were also removed. It seems like THQ spent so much time getting their new physics engine working that they removed a bunch of stuff to make memory for it and then just left us with a "1 step forward, 2 steps back" game.
  • Referees will not count a pinfall if there is anybody managing your opponent. In fact, even if the manager is knocked out, the referee will instinctively wait for the person to get back up instead of going for the pin attempt.
  • Before the game was released, Tommy Dreamer and Carlito were removed from the game due to being released, while Layla and Chris Masters were taken out to be downloadable. Despite this, in Road to WrestleMania, you can find their names on match cards quite often even though this would be a very easy fix. Further, one of the moves in the Create a Finisher mode still has Dreamer's name in it. Also, The Great Khali is mentioned briefly on a noteboard during the Vs. Undertaker Road to WrestleMania storyline, yet isn't in the game. Similar to how Candice Michelle was mentioned in 2010 despite not being in the game.
  • The first DLC pack. The main draw of the pack is Wade Barrett, David Otunga & Justin Gabriel; yet they have a generic NXT entrance video instead of the Nexus entrance video, the pack doesn't include the correct version of the Nexus theme, they aren't announced as The Nexus when they enter as a group, the developers couldn't be bothered to give Gabriel his own entrance (He uses Charlie Haas's from 2009) & it took so long to come out that when it was finally released, Wade Barrett was no longer part of the Nexus anyway & Gabriel left the group the following week. There is also no commentary acknowledging Otunga, and every now and then it ever refers to him as David Hart Smith. The pack also included Lex Luger in his All American Face persona, also lacking his correct theme for that gimmick.
  • Mickie James' model looks nothing like the real life person and has an orange skin tone.
  • Also... even if you lower the "commentatary" volume to 0... it will still play.
  • The A.I. will never attack each other in triple threat or fatal-4-way matches and will only Gang Up on the Human, meaning you're basically in a handicap match.

WWE 12

  • Good luck trying to get the Community Creations page (Basically, where all created arenas, wrestlers, and logos are shared online) to work without crashing on you.
  • Despite the "Road to WrestleMania" story's final third having you control a created superstar that the game names Jacob Cass, you can't assign the Jacob Cass name to a created superstar for the ring announcer or the commentary. This is despite having the ring announcers & commentary team record lines for RtWM that explicitly use the Jacob Cass name.
  • Booker T has GOT to be the worst model they have ever made. He looks like a horse with dreadlocks. Seriously. See for yourself. And he's not black enough.
  • Randy Savage's Diving Double Axe Handle does not adjust the distance of the jump. In other words, if the opponent is more than two feet away from you, you'll miss it. And the lengthy taunt beforehand makes it very easy for opponents to dodge or counter the move. Since Randy uses it as an alternate finishing move with a wake-up taunt, this usually isn't a problem. Unless you assign it to another wrestler as a regular move.
  • Universe mode will freeze the game if you try to edit match cards for shows containing custom arenas. EVERY TIME. This is also true for '13 and 2K14.
  • The good news is that the commentary can at least be turned off now. The bad news is that it will turn itself back on every time you restart the game, forcing you to disable it again by going back to the options menu to "remind" the game of your chosen setting, and it's blatantly shown as still being "off" when you do!

WWE 13

  • Pins are really fucked up. The A.I. will never kick out at 2 unless they have Resiliency and are saving themselves from a guaranteed loss. They either kick out at (or before) 1 or don't kick out at all, meaning if the ref counts 2 while the A.I. is pinned, you know you've won the match before 3 is even reached. Imagine Randy Orton hitting an RKO on a moderately damaged Triple H. The move was devastating but not quite enough to get a win. Instead of Hunter kicking out at two-and-nine-tenths, he kicks out at one. Get ready for a ton of no-sells. This was fixed for 2K14, but only after a huge outcry, which resulted in the following: firstly, THQ claimed there was no glitch at all. Secondly, THQ claimed there was a glitch, but only because people were "playing the game incorrectly" and that they themselves had "lots of 2 counts". Thirdly, THQ claimed there was a glitch and it was actually pretty bad, so they were looking into it. Finally, THQ admitted the glitch was there, had always been there, and they couldn't fix it "without breaking other things." In reality, they couldn't be bothered to fix it as they'd already moved onto the next game.
  • Booker T's skin was darkened, but he still has the horse face.
  • The lack of a unique entrance for the New Age Outlaws. It might not sound like much, but it's a glaring omission considering THQ's emphasis in the run-up to the game's release on the level of detail they'd put into the game.
    • Not to mention Road Dogg technically doesn't have his titantron or theme song under his name but there are two copies of "Power" (Otunga and The Nexus theme).
  • Nation of Domination-era Faarooq is not in the game, despite the fact that one of the matches in Attitude Era mode is the 1998 Royal Rumble, which included him as well as most of the other Nation members. They included Acolytes-era Faarooq and APA-era Faarooq, though. Acolyte Faarooq shows in the Royal Rumble... several months before Faarooq actually had that gimmick.
    • For that matter, most of the Nation members are missing from the game, and aside from Mark Henry none of the members actually in the game have a Nation version of their character.
  • In the Last Man Standing Match, you can't exit the ring.
  • Getting Jim Ross in to record commentary for the Attitude Era mode? A fantastic touch that helps with the authenticity. Having him on commentary for all of the matches, even those that he did not call & Michael Cole did? This trope in full force once again, especially when Michael Cole had to record new commentary lines for the game anyway.
  • The lack of submission holds that can be appiled from the behind.
  • So far, this appears to be averted with 2K's purchase of the WWE license, with online server issues being drastically reduced.
  • It's nigh-impossible to pin someone online unless they weren't paying attention because the bar was incredibly huge.
  • You can't Air-RKO someone through a table.
  • 1997 Bret Hart has his 2010 remixed theme.

WWE 2K14

  • For some unexplained reason you can no longer change the size of a logo in 'Create-An-Arena' rending it near impossible to do a proper likeness of any outside company's arena.
  • Some of the matches included the "30 Years of WrestleMania" mode are literally just "Hit finisher. Pin" which comes off terribly next to the matches which are filled with nods to the actual matches & even go so far as to recreate the post-match events.
  • In the "team announce" section, choosing "The Rock and Sock Connection" will give you The Rockers, whereas choosing "The Rockers" will give you The Rock and Sock Connection.
  • For some reason, they didn't bother making a video package for the John Cena Vs. JBL match at WrestleMania 21, never minding the fact that this match gave Cena his first WWE Championship. This also applies to several other matches, with the game not giving context on why the match was featured - such as Edge's match with Alberto Del Rio, which was the last match Edge would ever wrestle due to injuries.
  • The Rock lacks a unique entrance for his 2003 heel run, instead using the entrance modern Rock uses. It wouldn't be so bad, if Hollywood Rock's entrance theme didn't have a lengthy intro before the music kicks in. Also, the titantron video used doesn't match the length of the music properly.
  • Edge & Chris Jericho lack their attires from WrestleMania 26, with Jericho also lacking the post-Y 2 J entrance from that period & instead using his modern "Light-brite jacket" entrance, which really doesn't fit Jericho's serious character from that period of time. The same problem applies to Jericho & Punk in their WrestleMania 28 match, and Punk in his WrestleMania 29 match, but the game tries to get around it by using the ability to recolor existing attires to match, but it's fairly obvious that's what's going on when Jericho has his tattoos & Punk has his shaved head.
    • WrestleMania 24 Randy Orton lacks his tattoo sleeves (as he did not have them in Real Life at the time) but still has his modern day hair and beard.
    • Modern Shawn Michaels has a full ponytail rather than his Real Life half-ponytail
  • Batista and Ric Flair are added but the Evolution theme and titantron are removed.
  • Tons Of Funk do not have their own tag entrance, and Tensai - despite having the Sweet T attire - still has his entrance, theme & titantron from his solo run.
  • Despite having various incarnations of superstars in one slot - The Rock (Retro), for example, covers every appearance The Rock made up prior to WrestleMania XXVII & uses three different entrance themes - you still cannot alter the entrance of a specific attire.
  • WrestleMania VIII Ric Flair has his modern WWE theme instead of the Suspiciously Similar Song he used in his original WWE run.
  • Retro Big Show from WrestleMania XX has hair (as he had hair in Real Life at the time). However, the titantron video for that Big Show is the one used when Big Show first had his head shaved bald.
  • Stone Cold's WrestleMania XV & X-Seven titantrons are mislabeled. And his WrestleMania 13 titantron almost never actually plays (instead playing a different titantron) when selected.
  • There's no way to add logos or lettering to the arms for clothing, despite having several designs obviously meant to serve as sleeve patches.
  • You still can't Air-RKO someone through a table but you CHOP BLOCK someone through.
  • The commentary has a terrible habit of recycling the same lines over and over in the course of a match.
  • The addition of custom videos that use different sorts of backgrounds are gone AND the older versions of superstars have to use the Wrestlemania minitron and backgrounds. Made worse when the nWo character of The Giant uses it despite the character never having a match at Wrestlemania.
  • A proper Scorpion Death Drop-like Inverted DDT was finally DLC, which makes no sense seeing that Kaitlyn had been using it as a signature move for years. Not only that, but the move looks cartoony and unpainful, and many players who used it as a finisher for their custom Sting reported that the move would glitch when applying it from behind. The attacking wrestler will still turn the opponent around as if they were facing the front and then teleport behind them to do the move.

WWE 2K15

All Versions

  • Story Designer, Create-a-Finisher and Custom Soundtracks have been removed. Though the latter was presumably removed because PS4 and Xbox One didn't have the ability to store or play MP3 tracks during development and 2K didn't want last gen to have anything that current gen didn't.
  • Nearly all of the Easter Egg entrances have been removed except the generic and extremely stupid phone one. In addition certain superstars with really unique entrances such as The Undertaker cannot have their entrances assigned to anyone else. Combined with the removed Creation Suite modes and limited CAW slots on PS4 and Xbox One, making created wrestlers is pretty much pointless. Although 2K have added new things to the Creation Suite such as the ability to fully edit all in-game wrestlers and upload images to use as custom logos and textures, these modes have flaws such as the former taking up CAW slots and the latter requiring you upload the images online and download to the console when it can just be done with a USB stick. In spite of 2K's efforts, the negatives arguably outweigh the positives.
    • It also means that, despite 2K15 being the first game in years to have a dedicated career mode for CAWs, you cannot give your CAW a unique entrance & have to settle for using an awfully generic theme song if you don't want to use an existing superstar or diva's. It essentially means that you might as well just disable entrances in MyCareer.
  • Using The Wyatt Family's video for someone outside the family, only gets the Jump Scare every few seconds.
  • The Casket and Three Stages of Hell Matches are playable in the "Best Friends, Bitter Enemies" Showcase, but not in exhibition mode.
    • Speaking of, the tutorial doesn't tell you how to actually, ya know, win the casket match, so unless you remember from past games, you're shit out of luck.
  • The face models for Vince McMahon don't even have a passing resemblance to the real deal. Like so.
  • 2K stated that Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler recorded (together) 35 hours of new commentary for the game. They failed to mention that most of it was for Showcase mode only with the commentary remaining mostly the same in exhibition mode.
  • Despite using the gimmick for the better part of a year, Bad News Barrett is still referred to as Wade Barrett by the announcers & commentary. This is despite coming complete with his new ring gear & titantron. Cesaro qualifies as well since he is still occasionally referred to as Antonio despite having dropped it. Randy Savage is in the game as the Macho King, but is only announced as The Macho King not "Macho King" Randy Savage.
    • In relation to the above, several of the Superstars on the select menu are wearing attire they don't actually have in the game, including Ryback, Tyson Kidd, Cesaro and Santino Marella. They probably figure you can fix this with the "Superstar threads" feature, but in the case of the latter, the fringe of his singlet is the same color as the bottom part, so you can't make it look like the one he has on the menu at all.
  • The first ever Elimination Chamber match, as depicted in the Shawn Michaels/Triple H 2K Showcase, doesn't recreate any of the moments in the match until Michaels exits his pod, which means you need to eliminate everyone else and make sure Triple H remains in the match for Michaels to win the match by defeating him. On top of that, Michaels is lacking the gear he wore in the match - which the the player is shown immediately before the match in a video package. All in all, considering the match's importance in WWE history as the first ever Elimination Chamber & the last time Shawn Michaels won a world championship, the match is grossly misrepresented.
  • When playing on the WWE Payback PPV in WWE Universe, Michael Cole refers to it as Over The Limit.
  • Look at that big ass chin on Sting This is Sting in real life,and this is Sting in the PS4 and Xbox One versions, which has the correct facial structure, but the sloppy facepaint and awkward hair ruins it.

PS3 & Xbox 360

  • The commentary still has a terrible habit of recycling the same lines over and over in the course of a match.
    • Occasionally hitting your opponent with a strong kick has Cole or Lawler treated it as if someone used the rolled out of the ring ability.

PS4 & Xbox One

  • There are only 25 CAW slots, 1/4 of the slots available for last year's game on an inferior console. This is somewhat understandable considering that CAWs now look almost on-par with the in-game wrestler models and higher resolution equals more data. Still, this is 2014. There should be a way to have both quality AND quantity.
    • You can only make male wrestlers, not Divas. What adds insult to injury is that the female names are still in the list of announcer names and the NXT Women's Championship is unlocked by winning the Divas Championship with a created Diva in Universe mode. The only way to do this is to reclothe an existing Diva and then set them as a separate character.
      • The face and body morphing uses graphs instead of sliders, a downgrade that not only makes it impossible to morph certain parts of the face (such as the size of the eyes) but makes it pretty much impossible to create a passable likeness of real-life wrestlers, because they all look alike.
  • Create-An-Arena? Gone. So is Create-A-Championshipnote 
  • Matches such as I Quit, Special Referee, Inferno, Backstage Brawl, Tornado Tag Team, Mixed Tag Team, Handicap (playable in MyCareer but not exhibition mode) and even Ladder matches (excluding TLC and Money in the Bank) are not present and most existing match types can only be used in 1-on-1 matches meaning that you can't have triple threat or fatal-4 way Tables, TLC or Cage Matches. The match creator settings are also gone, meaning that there's no way to have First Blood matches even though blood is still in the game, win cage matches by pin or submission, or play a one-on-one Elimination Chamber match if you wanted to.
  • And on the subject of blood, certain characters won't bleed even after the red flash signaling blood, while others bleed excessively after the slightest wound. This is primarily a PS4 issue, however.
  • Retro Kane and Booker Tnote  are missing their facial hair. Triple H doesn't have his beard in his Bad Blood '04 attire and his hair is too dark in all Retro versions.
  • Superstar Studio
    • Superstars who wear face paint or masks (with the exception of Kane) cannot have that part of their face edited or removed, probably because they were scanned wearing the paint/mask and are part of the face texture (which doesn't explain why the non-scanned Warrior's face paint can't be edited). Unless you're okay with this look you're shit out of luck if you want to make Wolfpac Sting. And even the attire in that image can't be properly made because you can't change the color of the pads on his singlet or even place logos over them but you can change the color of both the facepaint and pads on last gen. Do 2K even watch wrestling?
    • Speaking of Kane, Don't bother trying to make an unmasked attire for him. The '02 version's mask is unremovable, and the present version's mask doesn't take the hair with it when it goes. So the only unmasked look you can give him has long hair, despite the fact that he has worn a wig with his mask since 2002 and he has never had long hair when unmasked. There is an unmasked, bald Kane in the game...if you purchase the Hall of Pain 2K Showcase, that is.
    • Editing Divas is also extremely limited. Apparently 2K and Yuke's, not happy with just leaving Diva CAWs out of 2K15's new engine, have made it so that the only clothing available is clothing from other Divas and you can't give them any of the men's clothing.
    • You cannot add hats to someone with long hair, or edit hats of long-haired wrestlers who wear a hat in their default attire, such as Bray Wyatt or Nikki Bella. Editing hats on short-haired wrestlers, for example, John Cena, will often result in said wrestler wearing two hats, the edited hat on top of default hat. This also applies to any wrestler who removes their clothing during entrances, such as Hulk Hogan and his T-shirts.
  • It is damn near impossible to win 6 man Tag Team matches, which you'll have to play at some point since they're in both MyCareer and 2K Showcase. Why? Your AI-controlled tag partners do not interfere to break up pin attempts on you or keep your opponent's partners off you to make a pin. Sure you can knock them off the apron yourself, but it's not easy to knock two guys off the apron by yourself, and by the time you do, your opponent will likely have recovered. If you're playing them in MyCareer, just purposely lose by DQ or Count Out. It'll be less of a hassle and will have little impact on the story.
  • DDP's model looks horrendous. First of all, the attire is based on what Page wore during his match with Goldberg at Halloween Havoc 1998, which makes sense due to it being arguably Page's best match. Dallas had very long thick, curly hair at the time, which is massive Snark Bait in the forums. But that's not the problem. His face looks very weird due to his beard and eyebrows not being visible enough. Good news is that 2K must have listened because his model improved tenfold in the next game.
  • William Regal has never had dark hair, so of course they made it jet black. Even though his DLC alternate Lord Steven Regal has the correct light brown hair color.
  • RVD isn't de-aged at all for Showcase mode. He looks 10 years older than he should next to classic versions of everyone else. This is despite Booker T finally getting a fixed version who is in fact de-aged to 2002 levels


  • Apparently, Yukes thought that 2K15 wasn't enough of an insult to Divas by removing the option to create them, so the PC port of the game is now coming with all the DLC included... Except for Paige, who is getting omitted for literally no reason. And as a second middle finger to players, the very same day this was announced they released free codes so console players that didn't own her could get her for free.
    • The worst middle finger? All her content is in the files but Dummied Out. Anyone who's switched out theme music using the below method has probably found her titantron amongst the DLC folders. It's possible to mod her in, but only with a tool that the creator is charging for.
  • Despite the fact that the game being on PC means that it should be very easy to make, there is still no Custom Music or Titantron feature. Sure, modders eventually found a way to add them anyway, but it shouldn't be necessary to go through such a lengthy process.

WWE 2K16

  • Think the Paige stunt last year was bad? 2K confirmed that NXT fan favorites and main attractions of the Divas Revolution Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Bayley and Becky Lynch would not be appearing in WWE 2K16, on-disc or as future DLC which pissed off a TON of fansnote . What's especially odd is that Sasha confirmed being scanned for the game on Twitter in February and Charlotte T-Shirts can be seen in the audience, indicating that they were at least planned to be included at some point. The fact that the likes of Eva Marie, who is probably the biggest scrappy in WWE today due to her severe lack of talent and a knack for botching even the simplest of moves, and Cameron who is similarly hated and rarely appears on TV anymore were some of the first divas to be confirmed for the game, only made people angrier. Then Samoa Joe made it in as DLC despite having debuted two months after the cutoff point while the Four Horsewomen have been around for years and were excluded, which set their rage-o-meter to it's maximum setting. 2K and Yuke's haven't really explained why they weren't in, apart from contradicting stock excuses that barely acknowledged the question, so it is believed that they are being withheld on purpose either because WWE said "no" to their inclusion and/or so that they can be a selling point for the next game. This combined with the Paige stunt and outdated female attires mentioned above has led people to believe that the developers don't care about the women.
  • Sting and Warrior's facepaints can be edited, but no one else's can. There's a glitch in the game that can bypass this, even allowing to change or edit facepaints entirely, but it's very difficult to use if you don't know what your doing and it's just easier to download something from community creations.
  • Mike Tyson was important to the finish of WrestleMania 14, but they apparently didn't want to pay him again. Solution? Make a CAW that looks more like Danny Basham than anyone elsenote , just stick him in Tyson's place, and have the announcers vaguely call him "The Enforcer".
  • Prior to the 1.02 patch, using alternate attires created in CAS would cause characters to turn invisible during winning animations.
  • For a time, if your character had both a standing strong strike and standing grapple as finishers (Nikki Bella for example), only the strike could be performed no matter which input you used. The only way to perform a Rack Attack was to take the forearm smash out of her moveset. Thankfully, this was patched in an update.
  • The retro version of Kane that we get this time is called "Kane '01", yet he's quite clearly based on what Kane looked like between 1997-early 2000.This is what Kane looked like in 2001, which is an alternate attire for Kane in this game, but couldn't they have named it "Kane '97-'01"? The same thing applies to "Stone Cold '03" (1999-2003) and "The Rock '03" (1997-2003).
  • Ric Flair has the 1992 version of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" again, even though the two versions of him (already in the game and as DLC) are his Evolutionnote  and 1991 WCW incarnations.
  • While having JR commentate again is nice, he does it even for matches Cole called, such as St Valentine's Day Massacre, where Cole's call of the finish even is audible in the VT afterward. JR also seems to be less enthusiastic than usual in his calls.
  • JBL's contribution to the commentary is completely pointless. He'll only chime in every five minutes so it's clear they just got him in to say his 10 lines, payed him and sent him on his way. On top of that, he sounds like he was recorded backstage at an event whilst Cole & Lawler went into a studio.
  • The commentary in general is the worst it's ever been. Not only do the commentators have no emotion in their delivery and the same lines repeated over and over (sometimes several times in a row), other problems exist such as talking about wrestlers who aren't even in the match and calling the wrong move (*Irish whip into the corner* "And there it is. The DDT.") Not to mention that CAW names are only acknowledged by the announcers if you pick a last name for them, even though most of the nicknames and first names had audio recordings from previous games. Additionally, they continue to use commentary recorded for past games. Cole and Lawler mention the "Daily Diva" on the WWE web site, which the site hasn't had since 2010, Naomi and Cameron are talked about as if the were still the Funkadactyls and Cole still has some of his outdated heel lines from 4 or 5 years ago. The commentary desperately needs a complete overhaul.
  • Many people still with the company who have a classic version use the modern face scan with little to no edits except facial hair, and changes in haircut. While this was true last year, there was no major problem as the only one affected was Triple H, who has aged mildly. It's really prominent this year with The Ministry Undertaker and classic Big Show looking very old in the face compared to how they should be. They apparently also decided that because in his debut, which the model is based off, Big Show didn't tie his hair back or wet it down, Big Show has ridiculous fluffy hair rivaling DDP's from last year.
  • Apparently no pictures existed of Superstar Steve Austin, Mikey Whipwreck, or Tatsumi Fujimani, so they just used the character models and put them in the poses you get with created wrestlers. Austin actually looks pretty depressed in his picture. Which is actually astounding considering that the pre-match graphics for Austin and Whipwreck on Showcase mode have perfectly good, if low quality, photos of them, and an official render for Whipwreck was released by 2K as promotional material. The same thing happened with the Terminator DLC. The fact that 2K couldn't find high quality images of one of the most iconic movie characters in history is just baffling. This also applies to Pat Patterson and the manager alternates available in the DLC Showcase.
  • William Regal's hair? Still black.
  • While Vince finally has a decent looking model, his son Shane appears to have been replaced by some random asian guy.
  • Paul Wight (Classic Big Show) should use the theme "Massacre" from St Valentine's Massacre. Instead, he uses Luke Gallows' theme, which is a remix.
  • It's not too bad to have Lilian Garcia say "Representing..." every time a member of a stable comes to the ring, but saying it when that person wins is just stupid.
  • On a similar note, why is Sting still always referred to as "The Man Called Sting" and billed from "Every Man's Nightmare"note  instead of Venice Beach, California?
  • Much like her brother, Stephanie McMahon looks pretty bad. (They at least got her race right, though.)
  • Is that...thing really supposed to be Renee Young? Even Renee herself couldn't believe it.
  • Many superstars are billed from the wrong places. Aside from the Sting example above, they also have Alicia Fox billed from Long Island, New York... which is where Zack Ryder is billed from. In real life she lives and is billed from Ponte Verde Beach, Florida.note  Also, NXT's Baron Corbin is billed from Louisville, Kentucky in-game, despite being billed from Kansas City in real life. Another set of examples is Kama and Col. Mustafa being billed from the hometowns of the Godfather and the Iron Sheik, respectively.
  • While My Career mode is vastly improved from the last game, it has one glaring issue with regard to title changes: Should you lose a title, it'll always go to the number one competitor, regardless of who beat you for the title.
  • The match between Ric Flair and Tatsumi Fujinami in the Hall of Fame Showcase was for Flair's NWA World Heavyweight Championship. WWE's World Heavyweight Championship, already in the game, is a similarly designed belt, just with the WWE logo on it. Guess which belt is used for the game's version of the match? This can't even be a licensing issue. The belt itself was ordered by Jim Crockett, who's NWA territory was absorbed by WCW in the first place and thus all rights belong to WWE now.
  • As great as the game may be it has a lot of bugs ranging from freezing or crashing to not being able to edit or upload or even the loss of save data or hard drive corruption, leading many a fan to give up on the series altogether. Comments on the 2K forums about every patch for PC in the first week breaking save games went completely ignored.
  • Make a wrestler hold more than one championship, and they will ALWAYS make their entrance wearing only the highest ranked belt in their possession...even if they are defending one of their other titles.

WWE 2K17

  • Even after 3 years, they're still not releasing the PC version alongside the console versions.