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Theme Naming: Crescent Moon
The author uses Theme Naming for all the major Characters


  • Colourful Theme Naming: The members of the Lunar Race use the name of their guardian colors as surnames.
    • Souh: Dark Red
    • Moegi: Yellow Green
    • Yamabuki: Light Yellow
    • Asagi: Light Blue
  • Stellar Name:
    • The names of each member of the Lunar Race are based the moon and the kanji character for the moon.
      • Mitsura: Full Moon.
      • Nozomu: Full Moon.
      • Akira: Full Moon.
      • Misoka: Day before the New Moon.
      • Oboro: Hazy Moon.
      • Katsura: Another name for the moon.
    • The names of the major human characters are based on the sun.
      • Kusakabe: Before Daylight
      • Mahiru: Mid-Day
      • Youhei: Sun Boy
      • Asako: Morning Girl
    • There is also a group called Dawn's Venus, whose members all have names based on stars and planets.
      • Hokuto: The Great Bear
      • Mutsura: The Pleides
      • Keiko: The Fire Planet, aka Mars

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