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Theatre: Street Scene
Street Scene is a play written in 1929 by Elmer Rice. It takes place on June of 1929 in front of a New York City apartment building and is about the various tenants who live there. This contemporary play deals with the issues of urban life and of the immigrants who live in these apartments. The plot of this play surrounds the Maurrant family, which is the subject of local gossip claiming that the wife Anna Maurrant is cheating on her husband Frank Maurrant. Their daughter Rose yearns to move away from the apartment and has to deal with the obstacles to acheiving that goal.

Elmer Rice contributed to two major adaptations of the play: a 1931 film directed by King Vidor, and a 1947 musical (or "an American opera") with music by Kurt Weill and lyrics by Langston Hughes.

The play contains examples of:

The musical version also has examples of:

The Rise and Fall of the City of MahagonnyOperaThe Threepenny Opera
    Pulitzer PrizeOf Thee I Sing
A Streetcar Named DesireTheatrical ProductionsSteel Magnolias

alternative title(s): Street Scene
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