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''One Touch of Venus'' is a 1943 musical comedy with music by Music/KurtWeill, lyrics by Creator/OgdenNash and book by Creator/SJPerelman and Ogden Nash.

As the play opens, Whitelaw Savory, at his Foundation of Modern Art, has been stubbornly carrying on for nine years his crusade to bring TrueArt to the ignorant masses. His latest acquisition, a three-thousand-year-old statue of the goddess Venus imported from Anatolia, was made not on aesthetic principle but for personal reasons. A barber named Rodney Hatch decides while waiting to shave Savory to try something funny with his engagement ring and finds out to his surprise that this Venus is more than a statue.

It was made into a 1948 movie starring Creator/AvaGardner, which retained few of the show's songs and even less of its dialogue. That movie, in turn, was remade in the 1980's as the Kim Cattrall vehicle ''Film/{{Mannequin}}''.
!!Tropes used in the show:
%%* AngryMobSong: "Catch Hatch"
%%* CatchTheConscience
* DarkReprise: Rodney's embittered reprise of "How Much I Love You"
%%* DeusExScuseMe
%%* DisposableFiance: Gloria Kramer
%%* DreamBallet: "Venus in Ozone Heights"
%%* {{Leitmotif}}: Venus's theme
* LivingStatue: A statue of Venus comes to life.
* LoveGoddess: It's Venus's job.
%%* MagicalGirlfriend
%%* MurderBallad: "Dr. Crippen"
%%* TheOneThatGotAway
%%* PleasePutSomeClothesOn
%%* SassySecretary: Molly Grant
%%* SlipIntoSomethingMoreComfortable