[[caption-width-right:250:Original cast. [[Theatre/MerrilyWeRollAlong Unoriginal]] [[CopycatCover cover.]]]]
-->So come with us on an omnibus\\
To a theatre-goers' soiree\\
To that Neverland where the hits get panned\\
Forbidden Broadway!\\
'''-Volume 1 Opening Theme'''

''Forbidden Broadway'' is a parody revue show written and directed by Gerard Alessandrini that originally ran off-Broadway from 1982 to 2009. The early incarnations of the show spoofed musicals from the Golden Age and iconic performers like Ethel Merman and Carol Channing, but the format was quickly adapted to [[MusicalPastiche pastiche]] works in the current Broadway season. As the revue gained reputation, it became a [[SincerestFormOfFlattery point of honor]] in the theatre community to have one's work parodied by ''Forbidden Broadway''.

''Forbidden Broadway'' is typically performed by a cast of two men and two women with piano accompaniment. The show went on hiatus in 2009, but returned to turning out new editions off-Broadway in the summer of 2012. It's also toured the U.S., has yielded two spinoffs, and even made a few trips overseas.

* TheAbridgedSeries: Predating even ''Theatre/TheCompleteWorksOfWilliamShakespeareAbridged''.
* ActorAllusion: [[invoked]] Many, especially musical references to the careers of pop singers appearing in musicals. For example:
** In [[Theatre/LaCageAuxFolles "I Ham What I Ham"]], George Hearn fastens a bracelet around his arm and shouts, "At last, my arm is complete again!" (Hearn replaced Len Cariou in the title role in the original production of ''Theatre/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet''.)
** When ''Theatre/BloodBrothers'''s Broadway run featured David Cassidy and Petula Clark in leading roles, their 1960s hits "I Think I Love You" and "Downtown" became "I Think I'm Acting" and "[[DownerEnding Downshow]]."
** The parody of the 1996 Broadway revival of ''Theatre/TheKingAndI'' had Donna Murphy playing Anna as her previous character of Fosca from ''Theatre/{{Passion}}'' (which closed too quickly to parody on its own).
** The parody of the 2012 Broadway revival of ''Music/{{Evita}}'' had Ricky Martin singing (what else?) "Livin' Evita Loca".
* AdolfHitlarious: In ''Comes Out Swinging'' and the 2014 London edition, ''Theatre/{{Cabaret}}'' is crossed over with an attack on the increasing number of musicals having corporate backing/sponsorship with "Broadway Belongs to Me", in which executives take the place of Nazis and corporate logos (Disney, Warner Bros., etc.) take the place of the swastikas!
* AffectionateParody
* BadBadActing: Creator/DavidMamet tries to teach Music/{{Madonna}} how to act in ''Theatre/SpeedThePlow'', and doesn't make much headway: [[Theatre/MyFairLady "I strain in vain to train Madonna's brain."]]
* BetterThanABareBulb: As always, but in particular the act of hanging a lampshade ''on'' the lampshading in "The Song That Goes Like This" from ''Theatre/{{Spamalot}}'', owing to the tendency of post-millenial musical comedies to poke fun at musical conventions and styles -- generally, "real" musicals didn't do that when this revue launched.
* BrainlessBeauty: John Davidson, as mocked for his ''State Fair'' performance in "Oh, What A Beautiful Moron."
* {{Camp}}: "You Can't Stop the Camp" mocks ''Film/{{Hairspray}}'', ''Film/{{Xanadu}}'', and similar shows.
* CharlieAndTheChocolateParody: The 2014 London edition spoofs [[Theatre/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory the 2013 stage musical adaptation]] of ''Literature/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory'' -- which [[BootstrappedTheme incorporates]] the most famous song from [[Film/WillyWonkaAndTheChocolateFactory the 1971 film version]], "Pure Imagination", into an otherwise new song score -- with "No Imagination". Gags include West End musical stalwart Elaine Paige turning up as an Oompa-Loompa (see HeightAngst below for more on her), a malfunctioning Great Glass Elevator, and an unflattering comparison with ''Theatre/{{Matilda}}'' (another Creator/RoaldDahl adaptation).
* CityShoutOuts: In "Ambition" (a spoof of [[Main/FiddlerOnTheRoof "Tradition"]]), there's a line that on the cast album that goes, "But here in our little village of Manhattan, there are over 50,000 actors, all trying their best not to end up in Baltimore." When on tour, "Baltimore" usually gets changed to the town they are perfroming in.
* CoverVersion: Music/BarbraStreisand and Creator/MandyPatinkin's covers of showtunes are the subject of several parodies.
* EverybodyHasLotsOfSex: The parody of ''Theatre/AspectsOfLove'', "I Sleep With Everyone."
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: The flying monkeys from ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}'' make a special appearance in "Please Don't Monkey With Broadway".
* FakeCrossOver: ''[[Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit Forbidden Broadway: Special Victims Unit]]'' opens with versions of Jerry Orbach and B. D. Wong on the case, as both were Broadway ''and'' ''Franchise/LawAndOrder'' stars.
* FollowTheBouncingBall: The sing-along of "Into the Words" has Creator/StephenSondheim telling the audience to "follow the bouncing razor."
* FormerChildStar:
-->I'm forty years old\\
And I haven't worked since I played Theatre/{{Annie}}\\
When I was ten...
* HeightAngst: Elaine Paige as [[Film/SunsetBoulevard Norma Desmond]] (in ''Forbidden Broadway Strikes Back''):
-->'''Zoe''': I won't have a word said against her. But a three-foot Norma Desmond? I ask you...\\
'''Elaine''': I'm not small! It's the sets that got bigger!
* IncrediblyLongNote: In their take on "Wheels of a Dream" from ''Ragtime'':
-->We'll sing till the rafters ring\\
And emote till we overbloat\\
And then this song, this song will end\\
With a really long nooooooooooooooooooooooote!
* IntercontinuityCrossover: Sometimes they make a bit of sense, like ''Grand Hotel'' and ''Theatre/TheSoundOfMusic'' both getting crossed with ''Theatre/{{Cabaret}}'' since all three are set in 1930s Germany/Austria, or ''Theatre/{{Matilda}}'' and ''Film/BillyElliot'''s child actors lamenting that they're "Exploited Children". Sometimes they just pair up things that were running in the same Broadway season, like ''Theatre/WhosAfraidOfVirginiaWoolf'' and ''Theatre/{{Doubt}}''.
* IntercourseWithYou: "Shall We Boink?", with Donna Murphy and Lou Diamond Phillips trying to make ''Theatre/TheKingAndI'' HotterAndSexier.
* IWantSong: "Ambition" takes "[[FiddlerOnTheRoof Tradition]]" and turns it into an anthem for the struggling actor.
* LimeyGoesToHollywood: Discussed in the Creator/JudiDench number, "Why Can't Americans Do Theater Like The Brits?"
* MassiveMultiplayerEnsembleNumber: "One Day More" from ''Theatre/LesMiserables'' is the definitive straight example of the trope. ''Forbidden Broadway'' takes it on with just four actors in [[Main/LongRunners "Ten Years More"]] to hilarious results.
* MediumAwareness
* MusicalPastiche
* MythologyGag: Former ''Forbidden Broadway'' cast member Tom Plotkin gets specifically mentioned by name in their parody of ''{{Footloose}}''.
* PaintedOnPants: The ''Theatre/{{Rent}}'' parody includes a song called "Ouch, They're Tight!"
* ParodyNames: Frequently applied to show titles ("Grand Hotel? Grand Hotel? No, this is the ''Grim'' Hotel"), but very rarely applied to characters ([[Disney/TheLionKing "Rafreaky"]] being one exception), and never to actors.
* RaceLift: Equity president Colleen Dewhurst, who protested the casting of Jonathan Pryce in ''Theatre/MissSaigon'', was played by African-American actress Mary Denise Bentley.
-->"In order to protest Cameron Mackintosh bringing Jonathan Pryce over from London to play this role, I have now become black."
* RageAgainstTheAuthor: "Forbidden Theatre/{{Assassins}}" has John Hinkley and Squeaky Fromme aiming their guns at Creator/StephenSondheim for writing music and lyrics too difficult for them to perform.
* ReadingAheadInTheScript: The characters of the ''Theatre/{{Rent}}'' parody read ahead in the script for ''Theatre/LaBoheme'' to see what they should do next. It isn't that much help, since "This Ain't Bohème."
* TheReveal: Andrew Lloyd Webber, the "Phantom of the Musical," is revealed to be Mickey Mouse when Sarah Brightman rips off his mask.
* RoyaltiesHeir: From ''Rude Awakening'''s goof on the short-lived JukeboxMusical ''[[Music/JohnLennon Lennon]]'':
-->'''[[Theatre/{{Oklahoma}} Curly]]''': Yoko Ono? What the Sam Hill are you doing on Broadway?\\
'''Yoko''': Collecting royalties. You see, every 1960s rock-and-roller had a wife, and every wife now holds the music rights.
* SincerestFormOfFlattery: The real Carol Channing appears on Volume 3 to get a little advice on her Carol Channing impersonation.
* SmallNameBigEgo: From [[Theatre/TheBookOfMormon "The Book of Morons"]]:
-->"...and I believe that ancient Jews like Richard Rodgers didn't write very good musicals."
* {{Spinoff}}: ''Forbidden Hollywood'' in TheNineties and ''Forbidden Vegas'' at the TurnOfTheMillennium.
* StrangeSyntaxSpeaker: Mag in "How Are Things in Irish Drama?" (''FiniansRainbow'''s "How Are Things in Glocca Morra?"), the parody of Creator/MartinMcDonagh's ''The Beauty Queen of Leenan'':
-->'''Mag:''' It's an old crone I'm getting to be, Maureen, an old crone...\\
'''Maureen:''' Stop reversing your syntax, you hateful cow! You'd try the patience of a saint!
* TakeThat
** The show has a low, low opinion of ''Theater/JerseyBoys'', mocking the high-pitched singing ("Walk like a man/Sing like a girl"), and claiming that there's too much dialogue and it's overproduced pop trash that steals from actual Broadway.
** Disney gets more than a few of these in ''Rude Awakening'' with regards to ''Film/MaryPoppins'' and ''Disney/TheLittleMermaid''.
** Not only is ''Theater/{{Spamalot}}'' accused of ripping off ''Forbidden Broadway'', the spoof also calls Monty Python fans annoying.
** As with the AdolfHitlarious bit in ''Comes Out Swinging'', the earlier edition ''Rude Awakening'' compares the increasing corporate sponsorship of Broadway with Nazification.
* ThatsAllFolks: Every version of the show ends with one of these, some longer than others.
* {{Troperiffic}}
* TrouserSpace: In the ''Theatre/SpringAwakening'' parody, Melchior unzips his fly and pulls out a microphone.
* TruckDriversGearChange: Inverted in "I Couldn't Hit The Note" (pastiche of [[Theatre/MyFairLady "I Could Have Danced All Night"]]). Spoofing how Creator/JulieAndrews couldn't hit high notes anymore, the song keeps modulating [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdQ2yq-erIY down.]] This became HarsherInHindsight when ''Forbidden Broadway'' continued to perform the number after Andrews lost most of her range in a botched throat surgery.
* WeDidntStartTheBillyJoelParodies: Shockingly averted. The ''Movin' Out'' spoof used "My Life" instead.
* WeUsedToBeFriends: ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}'' co-stars Creator/KristinChenoweth and Creator/IdinaMenzel are bestest friends until Idina wins the Tony Award for Best Actress, after which Idina decides she's gonna try defying Chenoweth.