Creator/CirqueDuSoleil's sixth show was a Japanese exclusive that ran in arenas in 1992, marking the company's first visit to that country.

The story and most of the characters are from ''Theatre/LeCirqueReinvente'': Ordinary People are turned into whimsical circus folk by the King of Fools and Queen of the Night. The lineup of acts, however, includes only four ''Reinvente'' acts -- five of the remaining six are from Cirque's follow-up ''Theatre/NouvelleExperience'', redressed to fit the ''Reinvente'' setting. In addition, only one of the clowns appeared in either of the previous tours.

!!Besides most of the tropes that appeared in ''Theatre/LeCirqueReinvente'', this show contained examples of:

* CompositeCharacter: The Ringmaster was a merger of the original ''Reinvente'' character and the Great Chamberlain of ''Nouvelle'' -- as such, he was played by the Chamberlain's performer (Brian Dewhurst) and participated in the slackwire act as well.
* EverythingsBetterWithSparkles: The ''Reinvente'' costume designs were overhauled for this show, and the Ringmaster's suit got a ''ton'' more sequins in the process.
* NonIronicClown: Four. Balthazar (Michel Deschamps) had appeared in the later years of ''Reinvente'' and would take his act to ''Theatre/LaNouba'' after this; one of the newcomers, "Bebe Francois" Dupuis, went on to become one of the viewpoint characters of ''Mystere''.