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The Power Of Rock: F Ilm
  • Michael Jackson
    • In the short film that forms the climax of Moonwalker, Michael fights... bad people... or something... and he turns into a Transforming Mecha... point is, it involves music somehow.
    • He also saves an entire planet with music in the 3-D film Captain EO.
    • He also has magical, musical powers in the totally insane short film Ghosts.
    • The "Fight For Your Right" sequence that opened the original version of the Black or White short film.
  • In Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, a shard of the devil's tooth is used to create the best rock music of the ages. JB dreams of using the pick to perform supernatural musical feats, such as literally blowing his audience's minds and bringing women to orgasm. The band later gets into a rock-off with the devil over the fate of their souls. The devil's song is a "masterpiece" and their song is "fucking lame," so the devil tries to take Kage to hell. He fires his evil energy at them, prompting JB to leap in front of the blast. His guitar, given to him by Kyle, reflects it back at the devil. This knocks his horn off, which allows Jables to send him back to hell.
  • In School of Rock, Jack Black's character teaches his class the power of self-confidence through rock 'n roll.
  • As far as movies that play the "fight for your right" angle totally straight, Footloose is easily the ultimate example. "Dancing is not a crime!"
  • Repossessed (a spoof of The Exorcist) after the devil accidently says it can't stand rock and roll has them exorcise it using the music. With Professional Wrestling commentators "Mean" Gene Okerlund and Jesse "The Body" Ventura providing play-by-play.
  • Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure begins because the titular garage band leaders will eventually save the world through their music. In Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, they are targeted by the bad guy for having saved the world through their music.
  • At the end of the Ralph Maccio film Crossroads, it came down to a blues guitar duel with the devil's servant, Jack Butler, played by and based on Steve Vai. In an oddly meta twist, Vai also who composed the piece that Ralph Macchio uses to defeat Jack, and dubbed the guitar part over Ralph's miming. So, essentially, Steve Vai defeated Steve Vai in a guitar duel.
    • Actually it was Ry Cooder who both played the slide guitar and acts as a hand double for Ralph.
  • While they did not played music, the Kissmyanthia army from Role Models deserves a special mention for they are based on the legendary rock band KISS.
  • Toys has a sequence where two of the protagonists distract the Quirky Miniboss Squad with a performance in front of one of their security cameras.
  • And, of course, there's KISS Meet The Phantom Of The Park! No, really.
  • In Trick Or Treat, Sammi Curr returns from the dead by the power of playing his record backwards.
  • Wild Zero! Japanese rock band Guitar Wolf fights off zombies and UFOs with the power of ROCK AND ROLL! It is awesome! ROCK!!!!!
  • Parodied in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!. The mutant fruit are finally subdued by the Narm-tastic Silly Love Song, "Puberty Love".
  • In Young Einstein, an atomic beer keg is going to go off because it has reached supercritical mass! What can our hero do? Why, plug an experimental electric guitar into it and rock out! What else? A physicist listening on the radio notes with awe: "Electrified music played in 4/4 time!?! That would drain the power out of anything!"
  • Add heaps and heaps of The Power of Love to this, top it off with a Bittersweet Ending, and you've got yourself Once. It's honestly a very good movie, mostly because they play this trope completely straight.
  • Casablanca. Victor Laszlo overhears Those Wacky Nazis singing a patriotic (and anti-French) German song around the piano, goes over to the band, and gets them to play La Marseillaise, with Rick's approval. The entire bar joins in, drowning out the Germans and emphasizing the passionate political undertones of the refugees and is the beginning of Rick's redemption.
  • Rock 'n' Roll High School. The Ramones using rock and roll to take over a high school? It doesn't get much cooler than that.
  • The climactic end of Ghostbusters II, which involves the use of Jackie Wilson's "Higher And Higher" and the Statue of Liberty to bust through a wall of negatively-charged "mood slime" and get at the Big Bad. Significantly, at the first crescendo of the song, the torch bursts into real flame.
  • In Blues Brothers 2000, when the Blues Brothers do "Ghost Riders in the Sky," they summon bad weather, the devil's herd, and the ghost riders; lightning even strikes down a sniper. And the "In the Blood/John the Revelator" sequence was certainly doing something.
  • In Evolution, singing "You Are So Beautiful To Me" brings the flying monster to the main characters in the mall, only for the poor thing to be gunned down.
  • As you'd expect, Six String Samurai is loaded with this, capping with an epic dueling duet between a katana-wielding Buddy Holly and Death (who looks suspiciously like Slash).
  • Shrek the Third, when Snow White unleashes the power of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song", causing the forest animals to attack the Huorns guarding the city gates.
  • Apocalypse Now creepily deconstructs this, when "Ride of the Valkyries" is played as the American helicopters shoot up a village. Because of the unpleasant connotations "Valkyries" has picked up, and the decidedly unheroic nature of the scene, it's not exactly rock-out material.
  • J-Men Forever, a 1979 Gag Dub of Republic Film Serial clips, has the villainous Lightning Bug scheming to conquer the Earth with Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. His rock broadcasts from the Moon are powerful enough to cause cars to crash, cities to collapse, and record moguls to commit suicide. The J-Men counter this by broadcasting schmaltzy music, and the Lightning Bug eventually blows up the Moon when he cranks up his stereo too loud.
  • A Kid in King Arthur's Court
  • In the comedy Water (1985) the island of Cascara wins its independence thanks to a reggae performance at the United Nations by local rebel Delgado (Billy Connolly) who has sworn never to speak until Cascara is free (so he communicates through song). Unfortunately a Running Gag in the movie is Delgado's awful singing, so the Cascarans think they're stuffed until a cameo appearance by George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton save the day.
  • In Star Wreck V: Lost Contact, the Vulgars discover Earth after they hear a very powerful rock concert broadcast.
  • In Kellys Heroes, Oddball's tank crew play loud music when they roll out into combat, to psych themselves up as well as confuse the opposition. They're reluctant soldiers at best and hope that their show of bravado will intimidate the enemy so badly there won't be a fight.
  • Main villain of Slumber Party Massacre II is a supernatural rockabilly who kills his victims with an electric guitar infused with a power drill. He does a random musical number before impaling one of his victims. Moving on...
  • Scott Pilgrim goes into a musical power rock battle against Matthew Patel, Todd Ingram and the Katayanagi Brothers.
    • While Matthew Patel is the only one actually utilising music in the fight (his Bollywood-esque song, "Slick" summoning his Demon Hipster Chicks and revealing his ability to throw fireballs), Scott manages to sufficiently stun Matthew long enough for him to deliver the knockout blow by hurling a cymbal from Kim's drum kit like a frisbee.
    • Realising that hand-to-hand combat is ineffective against the telekinetic super-vegan Todd Ingram, Scott attempts to resort to a bass guitar battle in order to gain the upper hand; a battle which Todd wins in style by power-chording Scott through the nearest wall.
    • Against the Katayanagi Twins, Sex Bob-Omb is in an amp-vs-amp rock battle. The Katayanagi's music summons two dragons. Sex Bob-Omb's music summons a giant sasquatch, which proceeds to beat the shit out of both dragons.
  • The Disney Channel Original Movie Lemonade Mouth is this, but this time, to save a Lemonade vending machine from being removed. They succeeded, and later became rock stars.
  • A minor example in Cry-Baby, but still funny. The movie is set among teenagers in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1954 - on the eve of public-school integration. The title character, who is the leader of the "drapes," announces that he is about to sing something "colored" - causing the leader of the "squares" to cringe up and shriek.
  • In the live-action Masters of the Universe movie, Kevin uses his electronic keyboard to open a portal to Eternia, thereby allowed He-Man to return to Eternia and face down Skeletor.
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind has the humans finally making contact with the aliens by playing a particular musical sequence (sol la fa fa do, where the second fa is an octave below the first). At which point a human/alien jam begins. It's implied that this is a test of sorts to see if we're worth talking to; as tests go, it's not a bad one.
  • By the end of Purple Rain, Prince's life has devolved into one hot mess, beset with family trauma, girlfriend troubles, and professional problems in his music career. But, in the final scene, he picks up his guitar and magically uses it to make everything OK again, by turning out a brilliant, masterful, achingly beautiful performance of the title song, ending on a note (literally) of triumph.
  • At the climax of Lisztomania, Richard Wagner mutates into a combination of Frankenstein's Monster and Adolf Hitler, and he wreaks mass destruction on the world with the dark side of the power of rock, firing a guitar that is a machine gun. Franz Liszt saves the world by blasting off in a fighter jet whose controls are a musical keyboard, and destroys Wagner in an aerial assault with the power of rock, then flies off into heaven singing "Liebesträume."
  • In The Buddy Holly Story, Holly and the Crickets are signed up by a record company sight unseen and booked at Harlem's Apollo Theater on the impression they're a black group. When the curtain opens on stage, stunned silence hits with a thud - then they start playing and inside a minute the racial barriers of the time have dropped and everyone is enjoying themselves. As Little Richard had said this really happened, this should apply to the Real Life subtrope too.
  • Played with in Back to the Future. During the dance, everybody gets impressed by Marty's rendition of "Johnny B. Goode" until he gets carried away with his guitar solos, leaving everyone in the gym in awkward silence.
    Marty: I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet... but your kids are gonna love it.
  • In If I Stay, Adam's song which he wrote for her (with a dash of The Power of Love) is what convinces Mia that she doesn't want to die.

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