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The Other Darrin: Theme Parks
  • At Disney Theme Parks, whenever there is a need for character from The Haunted Mansion to do something new, Corey Burton and Joe Lehery (the narrator from Freakazoid!) take over for the Ghost Host for Paul Frees, while Susanne Blakeslee voices Madame Leota for Elanor Audley (appropriate, since Blakeslee has also taken over Lady Termaine and Maleficent as well).
    • Hainted Mansion Holiday has Imagineer Kim Irvine as the projected face of Madame Leota (lip-synching to Susanne Blakeslee's voice); Irvine's mother, Leota Toombs, acted in the original projections of Madame Leota's head.
  • Doug Live used about four different actors for the main five characters in the play. One of the "worst" examples was the second Doug, who was in his mid-40s, while most of Doug's other actors were in at least their 20s. (They couldn't use 12-year olds, the actual ages of the characters, to play them, as Disney World couldn't employ them due to child labor laws.)
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