The Dreaded / Web Original

  • Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
    • Not as much, but the Ginyu Force, Freeza and even Goku qualify!
  • Kirby from There Will Be Brawl, or as he is known in the series, "The Cannibal". Suffice to say Mario is rather reluctant to let Peach visit him when she looks for information about The Butcher.
  • The Meta from Red vs. Blue. Given its utterly ruthless demeanour in battle, the massive gun it carries, and the the variety of additional abilities it can avail of from the AIs that it captured, it's understandable why the first instinct that many of the main characters who come across it is to run for the hills. It even manages to go toe-to-toe with Tex, who's renowned in the series as being a badass One Woman Army.
  • Near the end of Ruby Quest, one of the most dangerous and insane mutants is found crying in a corner because Ace is coming.
  • BKCRMWDJVG of the Whateley Universe. When even a small part of it is let onto Earth, it causes insanity and terror and mindrape just by revealing its true appearance.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: Lord Vyce. Interestingly, virtually no one except Vyce himself has heard of the far more dangerous Entity he was battling.
    Keep your voice down, Sci-Fi Guy! He can smell geek!
  • Most Memetic Badass-type sites use this trope, the most famous being Chuck Norris Facts. When God said "let there be light", Chuck Norris said "Say please."
  • SCP-173 SCP Foundation a living sculpture that kills its victims when they break eye contact with it. What puts it firmly in this category, however, is that 682, the regenerating lizard that just doesn't die, and hates all life on earth, only yelped in what appeared to be terror and stared at it for hours when put in the same room, merely growing new eyes when they were shot out so 173 did its thing. When you scare the crap out of this thing, you know you're feared.
  • Endbringers and Class S supervillains in Worm have this status: Nilbog, and the members of the Slaughterhouse 9. Of the latter, Jack Slash's superpower (being able to extend the cutting edge of his knives to an unlimited range) is not nearly as frightening as his ability to pull together a team of the most murderous sociopaths in the world and terrorize entire cities with them. Skitter is also starting to be added to the list by some circles, due to her creative use of her power and propensity for winning fights that are way out of her league.
    • Among the Slaughterhouse Nine, there is one who inspires more dread than any other, even within their ranks: Gray Boy. When Jack decided to have all the past members cloned by a factor of nine each, Gray Boy was the sole exception. Bonesaw guesses that one Gray Boy is all Jack could hope to control.
  • Mario Brothers has King Koopa, who is portrayed as a terrifying, nigh-unstoppable villain.