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The Dragon / Music

  • In Rhapsody (of Fire)'s musically told-fantasy-epic, the Algalord Saga, Akron the Black King, prone to ravaging every proverbial puppy in the story is served loyally by The Dragon Dargor, a fearless and honourable half-demon warrior prince, who is apparently so awesome as to warrant an entire song of his own (with two variations!). All of this is a fairly transparent foreshadowing of Dargor's HeelĖFace Turn at the climax of the story. And HOW!
  • Cyborg Noodle acts as one to Murdoc in the Gorillaz canon.
  • Nikki acts as this for Doctor X in Queensrˇche's Operation:Mindcrime.
  • In the Evillious Chronicles, Lemy Abelard and Gear serve as these for Pere NoŽl and the awakened vessels, respectively.