The Bad Guy Wins / Card Games

  • The brains behind Magic: The Gathering ran a several month-long publicity stunt involving a conflict between two factions, the native Mirrans and the invasive Phyrexians. To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the unquestionably evil, parasitic, invasive side won and renamed the realm of Mirrodin into New Phyrexia.
    • And in the Shards of Alara block, the dragon planeswalker Nicol Bolas succeeds in bringing about the Conflux and merging the five shards of the plane. And immediately after that, in the Zendikar block, Bolas manages to get the Eldrazi released from their prison. And he was instrumental in bringing about the rise of Phyrexia as well.
    • Hell, Nicol Bolas pretty much wins every time he appears. The only significant loss was his death at the hands of Tetsuo Umezawa, and even then he returned from the dead and slaughtered the entire Umezawa line, so...
  • In Magician, part one ends like this with Janus achieving all his goals; taking Natasha, defeating Edermask and uniting the continent through conquest with him in the ultimate position of power.