* ''RedVsBlue'' gives us this gem:
** "It's quiet. TOO quiet." -bullet whizzes past his head- "And suddenly it's very loud. I liked it better when it was quiet!"
** And another one from Church:
--->'''Church:''' As long as we're all happy, as long as we're all calm, and there's nothing that will get us excited or riled up.\\
'''O'Malley:''' Attack! Attack!\\
'''Church:''' I could almost feel that coming... right as I finished the sentence.
* ''''WebVideo/{{Shrooms}}''''. In "Supernatural Happenings", Red boldly insults a house full of ghosts, thinking they'll leave if he stands up to them. The camera HUD even changes to say "TEMPTING FATE" as he challenges them.
* ''WebVideo/UltraFastPony:''
** In "Funk Master Z", Twilight praises Ponyville for going an entire week without [[FantasticRacism driving away some outsider]], and she expounds on how happy she is that the others are becoming more accepting. As soon as she stops talking, she realizes her friends are hiding from Zecora because she's ''different''. Cue a RapidFireNo on Twilight's part.
** In "Little Miss Montage":
-->'''Twilight:''' I think karma kicked in and the universe is finally giving me a happy, stress-free day!\\
'''Rainbow Dash:''' Look out below!\\
'''Twilight:''' Thanks, universe. Thanks a lot.
* Parodied in ''WebAnimation/GEOWeasel'', where Nar has to say the fate-tempting line twice for it to take effect.
** In a later episode:
--> '''Nar:''' What could possibly go wrong?
--> '''Weas:''' A lot, now that you said that.