Tempting Fate: Fan Works

Calvin and Hobbes

Cross Over
  • In A Hero, the second chapter has Dalek Sec watching Homura battle Walpurgisnacht from afar, and concluding that the Witch isn't looking his way, and wouldn't attack him. Fortunately, Sec's Genre Savvy enough to realize what he just did, which gives him just enough time to learn that a horde of familiars are heading his way.
  • In Kyon Big Damn Hero Kyon named his PDA Skynet. It's made from some of Asakura Ryoko's data, so it's capable of learning.
    • Koizumi muses that he's the most normal among the extended SOS Brigade. He soon gets an upgrade to his ESPer powers.
  • This is referenced in The Man With No Name while some characters are infiltrating the enemy stronghold. It ultimately ends up subverted, however; despite the Doctor's expectations, nothing of the sort happens.
    Inara: They seem to be expecting an auditor.
    The Doctor: Good. No one will get too fussed when we go about asking nosy questions then.
    Inara: As long as the real auditors don't show up, we should be alright.
  • Trunks' New Look ends with him saying this line, right before Goku, Chi-Chi and Gohan come in.
    Trunks: How could things get any worse?
  • Turnabout Storm:
    "Unfortunately, sunshine and smiles don't pay the bills."
  • From the Star Wars / Star Trek crossover, The Unity Saga:
    Picard: I'm sure there's nothing to fear in letting Admiral Thrawn examine our works of art.
  • In White Devil of the Moon, Fate repeatedly has to fend off Luna, Tuxedo Mask and the Outer Senshi, who mistakenly think she is a Dark Senshi who has kidnapped Nanoha (who is also Sailor Moon and the reincarnation of Princess Serenity). After the situation gets to the point where Fate has to tell Nanoha about it despite not wanting her to get involved out of Chronic Hero Syndrome and as a result, put a strain on her body, Nanoha remarks "At least we aren't likely to have any trouble show up at a wedding." At the wedding, Jadeite attacks in an attempt to kill Nanoha, who severely taxes her Linker Core by killing him with a Divine Buster.

Death Note

Dragon Ball Z
  • Episode 10 of Dragon Ball Abridged ends with this following gem:
    Vegeta: They've broken my body... I've failed in my mission to get the Dragon Balls... I've even lost my tail... But at least, it can't get any worse from here...
    Ghost Nappa: Vegeeeetaaa... Vegeeeetaaa...
    Vegeta: W-What?
    Ghost Nappa: I'm haunting you!
    Krillin: We won't ever have to see him again!
    (Vegeta falls next to Krillin)
    Krillin: ... alive again. I meant we won't ever have to see him alive again!
    (naturally, Vegeta is alive)
    • In Episode 18, Vegeta brags to Goku that besides Freeza he's the most powerful being on the planet. Cue the Ginyu Force showing up.
    • "That's right. I'm your white mage. And nobody fucks with the white mage." Three guesses as to what happens immediately afterwards.
    • The best one yet:
    Gohan: Aw, but cells are boring.
Harry Potter
  • Lampshaded in Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality during the Stanford Prison Experiment arc. Dumbledore declared himself invincible and an Azkaban guard asks in astonished horror if he really just said that. Her commander says that he can get away with it since not even fate takes Dumbledore seriously anymore.
  • From the very first song of A Very Potter Musical:
    Harry: No way this year anyone's gonna die!

  • In this drabble fic, Eridan finds a young girl trying to kill his lusus and says threateningly: "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't cull you right now." And then he sees her blood colour and realizes that the girl is Princess Feferi, and the only troll on the planet whose caste is above his.

Katawa Shoujo
  • In Lilly Epilogue Family Matters, Hisao narrates that "Considering that just one year ago I probably felt like the most pathetic sap on the planet, things are definitely looking up. Everything just feels right with the world." In the next scene, he finds out that his girlfriend Lilly's parents are coming to visit, prompting him to think "Oh fuck".

Left 4 Dead

The Legend of Zelda
  • In Awesomeness Of The Ocarina this trope is inverted and discussed. "Even though Navi tempted fate with the dreaded "It can't get any worse" stock phrase, things actually got better. Link noticed this, but he didn't want to push his luck."
  • Wisdom and Courage: When Veran is defeated in chapter 35, with the Master Sword sticking out of her chest, she nonetheless gloats to Link and Zelda that they can never defeat her as long as she wields the Triforce... only for the Golden Goddesses to choose that very moment to take the Triforce away from her before she can use it to heal her wounds, leaving her to die. Zelda does not waste a moment in rubbing that fact in Veran's face.

Let's Play
  • In this Let's Play by Azure Blade 49, a choice quote that goes well with this trope:
    Azura: (Mario lands on safe ground) I'm alive!
    (Mario dies)
    Azura: I'm dead!
  • In the 26th video of Ultra J Man's Let's Play I Wanna Be the Guy, he is still angry for a previous crash he had, and he declares "I get to the end, I beat The Guy, and it fucking crashes. That's how it's gonna end!" Guess what happens.
  • Upon getting 8 red coins in a difficult Super Mario Sunshine level, Chuggaaconroy jokes "Yay. Now watch me die on the way to that." And we do. (around 8:55)
    • During the same video, Chuggaa points out how stupid it is that an NPC points out a very obvious hazard, wondering how anybody could ever get hit by them. He doesn't even manage to finish the question before he gets hit.
    • During the outtakes from the third Rival battle: "What the heck was I worried about, it's a freaking Rattata." Said Rattata then uses Quick Attack, gets a critical hit, and kills off his last Pokémon. "WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?!"

The Lord of the Rings
  • The metafic epic The Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth tackles this in an early chapter, when the heroine spends a day with everything going wrong determinedly resisting the temptation to demand what else could go wrong ("for as everyone know, that is an invitation to get a demonstration of just what else can go wrong. The gods/God/evil forces/whatever you believed in were nothing if not equipped with a sense of irony. It's a vital God-quality, that."), until one thing too many does and she lets it slip. She then yells out that she didn't mean it... to no avail.

Lyrical Nanoha
  • From Game Theory, with Lampshade Hanging.
    Mei: You know, this kind of creepy tunnel place with a load of dead bodies in it – well, dead robots, but it's the same sort of thing – you'd expect them to, like, get up and start attacking when someone poked one.
    Heidi: Will you shut up? You don't say stuff like that on a mission, do you want to make us all paranoid and jumpy?
    • And yes, they get back up.

  • In Perfection Is Overrated, after Midori tells the other Himes about what she's uncovered regarding the Hime Carnival, Shizuru tells her that there may not be much more time to find out, as one more incident with a SUE could force the school to shut down. Immediately afterward, Sekai the SUE unleashes an army of Orphans and Slave-users on the school, forcing them to evacuate the student body and fend off the invaders. Even though she's defeated, the school has to shut down, and Sekai is not even the last SUE they face.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • The first line in Dash's New Mom, a fanfic where Dash struggles with her feelings over her father dating her same-aged best friend.
    [Rainbow Dash's] life just couldn't get any better.
    Her life proceeds to go sideways 15 minutes later.
  • Navarone does this to the point of being a Running Gag in Diaries of a Madman, despite how often it ends badly.
  • A Future of Friendship, A History of Hate: In Episode 1, Twilight assures Spike that nothing bad will happen during the Spring Equinox festival, and even if it did, she and her friends could handle it. Cue Ruinate's escape from his banishment a few hours later, where he utterly defeats the Princesses, captures five of the Mane Six, and later nearly succeeds in rendering Twilight an Empty Shell and conquering Equestria.
  • At one point in the Reading Rainbowverse, Fluttershy promised to pole-dance at Macintosh's wedding during a drunken rant. Once she sobered up, she immediately added the caveat that she "had to grow a horn first." Pinkie Pie, being very Genre Savvy, pointed out what she was doing, and Fluttershy pointed out that it was very unlikely for her ever to become an alicorn, and Pinkie would probably become an alicorn first...
    • As of this writing, Pinkie Pie is indeed an alicorn.
  • The Twilight Child is filled with this, almost all of it coming from Twilight Sparkle. Eventually when she does it and doesn't get called out for it, she gets worried.
    • In one chapter, Rarity's out at a restaurant, and loudly announces she locked up everything before going out, so there is absolutely no chance whatsoever that the Cutie Mark Crusaders can get in. None whatsoever. Not even half a minute later she's running back to check on everything.
  • In A Stranger Among the Voices, Twilight walks into the library after a stressful morning to be greeted by an explosion in the kitchen. "How can this day get any worse?" Rather hilariously lampshaded in the narration:
    Seven words, seven innocuous words that when separated are as common as night and day. Many of the brightest minds had spent years researching the mystical power inherent when the words go together in the exact right order, and yet, none had ever come to a conclusion. It was even rumoured Clover the Clever had spent some of her years delving deep into their mystery but all to no avail. Twilight Sparkle, with all her past experiences really should have known better; at the end of the day she had no-one to blame but herself.
  • In Wedding Bell Blues, we get this:
    Shining Armor: Absolutely nothing could ruin my mood right now. In fact, I dare the universe to ruin my mood!
    Narration: Yeah, you can guess what happened next.
    • What happens next does indeed ruin Shining's mood quite thoroughly. (To be precise, he finds out that Celestia is forcing him to marry Queen Chrysalis.)
  • The first chapter of The Demesne Of The Reluctant Twilight Sparkle plays with this, when Twilight and Spike note what a beautiful, peaceful day it is in Ponyville, and how happy they are at the moment- and immediately panic over the inevitable catastrophe. Spike decides that's enough of a bad thing but Twilight worries that that's just False Reassurance on the part of fate- and then Luna's message arrives to kick off the plot....

Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Evangelion 303:
    • Asuka and Jessika were tasked with testing Unit-04 the next day. And Asuka told that tomorrow would be perfect. She should really, really have closed her mouth because Unit-04 crashed. Asuka survived but Jessika did not.
    • And before leaving for Distler Air Base, Jessika reassured her gilrfriend Mandy that it would be only for a little while and that they would soon be together again. Mandy never saw her again alive.

Pretty Cure
  • Subverted in episode 45 of Pretty Cure Heavy Metal. After taking a single whiff of a cigarette, Shugo says she doesn't want to get addicted. Guess what? She's remained smoke-free ever since.

Ragnarok Online
  • Two instances in Warriors of the World: Soldiers of Fortune:
    • During their stay in Payon Iruna goes to check on Emeth while saying "hopefully he hasn't set fire to something". Later that night Emeth, under Argath's control, sets fire to the east side of Payon.
    • In Chaper 24, Emeth asks "What Could Possibly Go Wrong??" in a deserted city. The Big Bad makes his appearance to the party at the end of the chapter.

Rosario + Vampire
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • In Act III chapter 9, after Tsukune orders Kokoa to get all of the girls out of the boys' bathroom, Kurumu, being in the tub at the time, arrogantly brags to Kokoa that she's in water and there's nothing Kokoa can do about it. In response, Kokoa jumps right into the tub, says "I'll live," and bodily throws Kurumu out of the bathroom by the hair.
    • In Act III chapter 42, after all of the chaos that just occurred with Kuyou's attack, along with the revelation that Hokuto was Evil All Along and that he not only personally set up Kuyou's attack, but he's gotten his hands on Felucia's Soul Jar and used it to extort her into being his minion, the gang has just discovered that Fairy Tale is not only still active, but coming to Yokai Academy, and that Akua and Kahlua, who had previously visited the school to tell the gang that Fairy Tale was destroyed, were actually in league with the organization all along.
    Kurumu: Great, this day just keeps getting better and better.
    Gin: Any chance it could get worse?
    (sounds of Crowd Panic come from outside as Fairy Tale approaches the school)
    Dark: You just had to open your mouth.
    • In Act IV chapter 32, after none of their attacks manage to phase Alucard, Razico openly ponders how it could get any worse. At that, Alucard spawns a bunch on mini-Alucards to help in his rampage.
    • In Act VI chapter 42, Ruby remarks that she hopes they can actually take a bath for once without a fight breaking out. Naturally, Kokoa ends up finding out that Sun was spying on her and Gin having sex earlier, and promptly beats Sun into a coma in her rage.

Sailor Moon
  • When Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon covers the first episode of Sailor Moon S, and a new monster is in the process of wrecking the entire team as they try to save Rei, Usagi celebrates when the monster complains:
    Mikuji: "SO MANY DISTRACTIONS! JEEZ! What else could go wrong?!"
    Usagi: "YES! She said it!"
    ENTER Tuxedo Mask, dramatically, armed with +4 blessed throwing roses.

Star Trek
  • "Shakedown Shenanigans" lampshades it with a Never Tell Me the Odds statement from Eleya. She's right, and her caution proves a lifesaver.
    Capt. Kanril Eleya: Would you like to explain another Enterprise-B fiasco to Starfleet Command? Over 350 people died because the San Fran yard dragged its feet on the final touches.
    RADM. Taurik: That was a series of freak coincidences. The odds of all the required conditions—
    Eleya: Let me explain the Prophets’ sense of humor to you, sir. The higher anyone says the odds are against something happening, the greater the likelihood it is going to happen.
    Taurik: (beat) That is most illogical, Captain.
    Lt. T'Var: Illogical, but true.
  • In the Star Trek fanfic Written in the Stars, Fem!Kirk gives Spock a lesson in why he should never invoke this trope. Spock just makes things worse.
    Spock: Our stay will be short and uneventful.
    Kirk: Spock, there's still a lot you need to learn from Earth language and probability. Otherwise you'd know not to say that last line. Ever.
    Spock: Captain, the likelihood of a few simple words changing the outcome of a chain of events in such a way is very low.
    Chekov: Keptin! I'm picking up something strange from ze planet!
    Kirk: (to Spock) You were saying? (to Chekov) What is it, Chekov?
    Chekov: Some sort of high-frequency energy field originating from ze surface.
    Uhura: Captain! Whatever it is, it's interfering with the comms! We can't broadcast or receive.
    Kirk: See, Spock? This is what a few simple words can do to a situation. For instance, if I say 'things couldn't get any worse'...
    Scotty: (over the comms) Cap'n, it's Scotty! I wouldn't recommend using the transporters anytime soon!
    Kirk: (after seeing Spock's eyebrow raise) Like I said. You don't use words like that. Ever.

Super Smash Bros.
  • In Smashtasm there is a running gag wherein a character will say: "There's no way that ((insert bad thing)), especially not right now! Super64, being Genre Savvy, tries to invoke this trope when he gets captured, saying:
    • There's no way I could get out of here. Especially not right now."
      • It works.

The Vision of Escaflowne
  • The second part of the last episode of Vision of Escaflowne Abridged.
    Dornkirk: You can't destroy it you silly girl! It's protected by causality itself! There isn't a force in the world that can possibly destroy it.
    (Van smashes through)
    Dornkirk: ... except for that.

  • The frigate officer in the Warhammer 40K fan-film Damnatus — "We have never arrived too late before."

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series! utilizes this for humor on a few occasions:
    • On the way to the blimp:
      Tristan: I sure hope we don't encounter any more intrusive subplots.
      Jean Claude Magnum: Did somebody say "intrusive subplot"?
      Tristan: Oh, son of a bitch!
    • On the blimp:
      Doctor: I'm glad I have such a long and villain-free life ahead of me.
      Melvin: Hi there. Could I get a hug?
      Dr. Feelgood: A hug? Sure, I don't see why not. (the sounds of chainsaw revving can be heard) Oh my god, it burns, it burns!