Tearjerker / Zombieland

Even a narmy zombie apocalypse isn't free from the sorrow it brings.

  • Columbus accidentally shooting Bill Murray definitely qualifies, even if his death is slightly played for laughs.
  • Wichita letting slip that Columbus is a ghost town and burned to the ground in the outbreak, indirectly revealing that Columbus's parents are almost certainly dead, or zombies. Once Tallahassee nudges her and silently reveals to her what she just did, she apologizes to Columbus. What Columbus says next in his voiceover is particularly tragic and likely to cause a few teary eyes: "I'm not sure what's more tragic: that my family's gone, or the realization that I never really had much of a family to begin with. Either way, I can't pretend that what I'm looking for, I'll find by going home. I have no home."
  • Tallahassee tells Columbus of his puppy he used to have, how happy they were together and all the fun they used to have. Then the apocalypse rolled its way over and took his puppy from him, which sent him into Blood Knight territory. We later learn that it was actually his son that he lost.
  • The eventual reveal on Tallahassee's Bait-and-Switch dog story
    • The first version, where Buck was Tallahassee's dog, can be its own Tear Jerker moment. But the instant we learn it was actually his son...
  • Then there's the scene with the soccer mum early on, glancing sadly at the toys on her dashboard after escaping from the zombie princesses. Of course two seconds later its hilarious again, but when you think how one of those kids was probably hers...
  • "I could tell she knew what I was feeling. We are all orphans in Zombieland." *Sniff*