Tearjerker / Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

  • Irina's death.
    • Smiley's promise to Ricky Tarr that he will do his best to get her back, when the viewer knows this is hopeless, and Smiley strongly suspects as well.
  • Jim Prideaux's story arc. Shot down in Hungary, brutally tortured in Russia, then sent to work as a schoolmaster in England, where he meets a nice Morality Pet student, only to push him away. Finally he learns for certain that his best friend/maybe lover Bill Haydon is the mole, and kills him.
  • In the mini-series, Smiley's interview with Connie Sachs.
    "Poor loves. Trained to Empire, trained to rule the waves. Englishmen could be proud then. They could, George. All gone, taken away. Bye-bye world. If it's bad, George, don't come back. Promise? I want to remember you, just as you were. My lovely, lovely boys..."
  • Due to the possibility he may be monitored by the Circus, Guillam is forced to kick out his gay live-in partner without so much as an explanation.