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Tearjerker: The Good Wife
  • Alicia’s confrontation with Kalinda after she finds out that she slept with Peter. If Alicia trying not to cry doesn’t get you, Kalinda breaking down in the elevator will.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers Jonathan and Alexis in 2.10.
  • Watching Will and Diane’s relationship crash and burn. You just have to cringe.
    • For that matter, watching the relationships between Alicia and Will, Cary and Diane, Cary/Alicia and the firm, and just about every other relationship on the show just explode one after another in the beginning of season five.
  • Diane breaking into tears when she realises her dream of becoming a judge probably just got squashed.
  • Will as he makes the decision tree in ‘The Decision Tree’. The look on his face as he makes his set of questions for Alicia, and the resulting fantasy/flashback, is heartbreaking.
  • In a Ripped from the Headlines bit, Elsbeth is called several nasty slurs by a street performer she was enjoying. It’s strangely jarring and upsetting to see our beloved Cloud Cuckoolander be so completely stunned and hurt.
    Elsbeth: (Almost in tears) I am not a dirty, stinking Jew!
  • Everything about the last act of ‘Dramatics, Your Honor’:
    • When Diane hears the gunshots, her first reaction is fearful concern to find Will.
    • Kalinda seeing the shoe on the ground and putting it together before pushing past security to get to her dying boss and choking out a sob once she does.
    • The first person Kalinda and Diane think to call about Will’s death? Even after all that’s happened, they know it has to be Alicia.
    • Kalinda and Diane breaking down over Will’s body.
    • Eli’s reaction to Kalinda’s call, and his gentle way of pulling Alicia aside and giving her privacy to hear that Will has died.
  • Following ‘Dramatics, Your Honor’, the entirety of ‘The Last Call,’ as everyone reacts to Will’s death.
    • The saddest are probably Diane, Alicia, and Kalinda’s reactions, but David Lee crying is surprisingly poignant and humanizing.
  • 6x02 "Trust Issues" has Diane leaving her office at Lockhart-Gardner for the last time. She looks out the window, waits for five o'clock, takes a long look around, then picks up her photo of her and Hilary Clinton and walks to the elevator. As she gets in with those leaving with her, she lets out a quiet 'goodbye' to the firm that she helped establish and the last physical tie to Will, her best friend.
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