Tearjerker / The Emperor's New Groove

Again, surprisingly, there are a few moments:

  • When Pacha returns to his village in the beginning of the movie. Poor guy just looks so defeated. When he gets home, he acts as if everything is fine around his family, even with the knowledge that everything they have may be destroyed very soon.
    • A moment is given to Pacha looking around his house, knowing it'll be the last time he'll ever get to before it's destroyed.
  • Kuzco's revelation that Yzma and Kronk (but mostly Yzma) are trying to kill him. He may have been an arrogant jerk, but he genuinely trusted those two, and realized that he just abandoned Pacha, who he'd grown fond of, for nothing. The honest, down-to-earth Kronk's throwaway remark afterwards really rubs salt in the wound:
    Kronk: No one really seems to care that he's gone.
  • Right afterwards, Kuzco finally realises how much of a jerk he's been. He settles gloomily into a swamp and himself as narrator maintains his selfish attempt to blame everything on others. But Kuzco finally knows that ALL of this is his fault and tells it straight to himself.
    Kuzco: They saw the whole thing, they know what happened. Just leave me alone...
    • It's a throwback to when Pacha tells him "One day you're gonna wind up all alone, and you're gonna have nobody to blame but yourself."
  • It's pretty short, but Kuzco seemingly resigning himself to live as a llama. Not even the herd he stumbles on seems to accept him, only rubbing in more how utterly alone he is now in life.
  • One from Kronk's New Groove: During Kronk's flashback to his childhood, we see an absolutely adorable child!Kronk happily baking what appear to be either muffins or fully-iced cupcakes and offering them to a group of squirrels. The cuteness abruptly dies off with the appearance of Papi's imposing silohuette, who immediately send Kronk to his room. Kronk has three seconds to cry on his bed before Papi comes in and takes away Kronk's oven mitts - after Kronk gives them a final, tearful hug. Kronk had to grow up with a parent who refused to allow him to persue the hobbies he most enjoyed, likely because those hobbies are stereotypically girly.