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Tearjerker: The Emperor's New Groove
Again, surprisingly, there are a few moments:

  • When Pacha returns to his village in the beginning of the movie. Poor guy just looks so defeated. When he gets home, he acts as if everything is fine around his family, even with the knowledge that everything they have may be destroyed very soon.
  • Kuzco's revelation that Yzma and Kronk (but mostly Yzma) are trying to kill him. He may have been an arrogant jerk, but he genuinely trusted those two, and realized that he just abandoned Pacha, who he'd grown fond of, for nothing. Kronk's throwaway remark afterwards really rubs salt in the wound:
    Kronk: No one really seems to care that he's gone.
  • Right afterwards, Kuzco calling Pacha's name, but finding no one's there. And then he... gives up, sadly takes off Pacha's clothes, and mopes in the middle of a swamp whilst snapping at his narrator self to just leave him the fuck alone. Ouch.

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