Tearjerker: The Angry Grandpa

  • His reaction to the Sandy Hook shooting.
  • His sister dying.
  • A lot of his videos might not be so funny for people who've dealt with mental illness (he has admitted to having bipolar disorder) or who are abuse survivors.
  • Michaels video on why he(Michael) doesn't drive
  • When Angry Grandpa revealed the true reason why he hates Christmas.
  • Angry Grandpa called a younger fan of his show by the name of Jesse. Just watch it, but please bring some tissue.
  • While most of his Christmas meltdown videos are really considered not so funny, especially when it was revealed why he hates Christmas this video hit home, especially around this mark. note 
  • GETTING MY LIFE BACK!!: Angry Grandpa tells about his 15-year struggle with complications following a botched gastric bypass surgery.
  • Angry Grandpa and Michael's reaction to Shooter Jennings manager, Jon Hensley, passing away.
  • Angry Grandpa's special guest in and of itself from 2:20 onward serves as a tearjerker. You can watch it here, but I encourage watching it from start to finish. What really makes it a tearjerker is the fact Angry Grandpa was not expecting this "guest". The special guest is Kim and her children!
  • Despite being a sweet moment, Michael embracing his father after being told they are giving him the house they tricked him into thinking they were scouting for him hits the feels, especially how Angry Grandpa apologizes tearfully over the times he's treated Michael, even Michael breaks down and tells him he loves him too.
    • Even more with Angry Grandpa telling Michael he doesn't deserve the house, despite Michael insisting his father deserves it.
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