Tearjerker / Tenkai Knights

  • Ever notice the generic looking Mooks that make up most of the Corrupted forces? The episode "Rising Fire" reveals that they used to be normal Corekai until they were captured and turned into Corrupted by Vilius himself, ouch.
  • Near the end of episode 5, the Corekai led by Beag form a barrier to protect the Knights from Vilius Wave Motion Gun attack. Many of Beag's men are apparently killed doing this.
  • At the beginning of "Valley of Secrets" Beag and two other Corekai seemingly fall to their deaths. Needless to say, Guren and the other boys didn't take it very well.
    Beag: (while falling into the chasm) Farwell Knights of Tenkaiiii!
    Guren/Bravenwolf: Beag! NOOO!
  • Episode 16 "Oh No I Didnít" is full of tearjerkers, Ceylan has self worth issues so bad that he considers leaving the team again.
    • While on Quarton Ceylan and the Corekai are attacked by Slyger and Granox, who both transform into Titan Modes of their own and decimate the group. One particular Corekai who happens to be a big Valorn fan (he even shares the same green color scheme) gets killed mid-sentence.
    Valorn Fan: In the name of Valorn you shall not! (Granox smashes him with his mace before he can finish)
    • Actually, the soldiers all have different color schemes: Red, blue, yellow, green.
  • It's minor but, watching Gen's Villainous Breakdown near the end of episode 23, when Guren tries to convince him not to go through with his plan.
    Guren: Gen stop this! It's not to late to do the right thing! To flip to the right side!
    Gen: (grows angry) And be weak! Why should I do that!?
  • Episode 31 brings back the Guardians, only for them to become Brainwashed by Vilius.
    • Guren and the others horrified reaction upon meeting the brainwashed Boreas is understandable.
  • In episode 33, Guardian Notus is forced to attack the Knights. Yet unlike Boreas and Zephyrus, he's able to resist Vilius control enough to tell the Knights he's sorry and can't stop himself.
    • And then he explodes, just because.
  • Guren's depression in episode 35 about not being able to access his new Elemental titan mode as easily as the others.
  • "Too Close to Home" sees Mr. Nash temporarily get brickified. Guren's reaction is heartrending.