Tear Jerker / Shrek

  • Shrek explaining to Donkey why he is the way he is:
    Shrek: Look, I'm not the one with the problem, okay? It's the world that seems to have the problem with me! People take one look at me and go, "Ahh! Help! Run! A big, stupid, ugly ogre..." (depressed) They judge me before they even know me. That's why I'm better off alone.
    • There is also Fiona's expression behind the door after she overhears this line. She's clearly regretful of how she misjudged Shrek, and as such becomes softer towards him the next morning.
    • Consider as well the scene where Shrek is sitting down and eating dinner. The music playing is very melancholic and Shrek is seen looking towards the door for Donkey before shaking it off and eating. Shrek put on a show of wanting complete privacy but in reality, he was very lonely.
  • And don't forget the scene after Shrek and Fiona split up, and everything's going as planned for Fiona and Lord Farquaad's wedding, but both the ogre and the princess are completely miserable. What really pushes it into tearjerker territory is the heartbreaking Hallelujah by John Cale playing in the background.
    • Don't forget Donkey coming across a weeping Dragon, totally heartbroken at the lost of her new love.
  • The misunderstanding where Shrek overhears Fiona saying, "Who could ever love a beast so hideous and ugly?" is painfully hard to watch. Extra points for being depressing both from Fiona's side and Shrek's side of the conversation.
  • "I live alone! My swamp! Me! Nobody else, understand?! Nobody! Especially useless, pathetic, annoying talking donkeys!" Just... that. During the whole line, he's obviously trying not to cry. For once in his life, he's let himself have a friend, let himself fall in love but he thinks it can't be as he thought they were bad talking him behind his back and is trying to shove Donkey out of his life. To make it worse, there's Donkey's clearly-hurt expression and how it ends;
    Donkey: But... I thought —
    Shrek: Yeah, well you know what? You thought wrong.
    • Kudos to Mike Myers. His delivery of the line really sells how upset Shrek is about the ordeal.
      • It really does. Just think how Shrek feels. He truly thought he had finally someone he could open his heart to, having a romantic moment with Fiona around the campfire and opening himself up to Donkey. Now, the only time he let his vulnerabilities out, he is seemingly betrayed by them and is absolutely heartbroken and probably feeling stupid for allowing himself to feel that way. This is later seen again when Shrek is at his home and sees a sunflower. He briefly smiles at it, remembering his love, and then recalling what she seemingly felt about him and angrily throws it into the fire.
    • It comes right back to the following scene when Donkey confronts Shrek about this.
    Shrek: If I treated you so bad, why did you come back?
    Donkey: (furious) Because that's what friends do! THEY FORGIVE EACH OTHER!
    • Sad as well to think what would have happened if Donkey hadn't been so persistent with Shrek. Shrek and Fiona would have never seen each other again. Based on how Farquaad acted when he found out about Fiona's curse, Fiona would have had no one to protect her this time.
  • The scene when Shrek once again sees his reflection after he returned to the swamp. At the beginning of the film, Shrek seemed proud of his appearance — but after being seemingly rejected by his love Fiona, he is utterly disgusted with himself.
  • Lord Farquaad's attempt at a breaking speech towards Shrek begins with "It's rude enough being alive when no one wants you!" Evil or not, that was just uncalled for.
  • The Twist Ending
    Fiona: (In her ogre form) I'm supposed to be beautiful...
  • In the Broadway musical, there is the closing number of the first act "Who I'd Be" where Shrek is talking to Donkey about the things he would do if he weren't an ogre. The real clincher is Shrek's line, which delivers just how alone and isolated he feels:
    Shrek: An ogre always hides / An ogre's fate is known / An ogre always stays in the dark and all alone.
    • The musical in general is considerably more emotional than the film. One moment that stands out is this line in "Build A Wall"
    Shrek: What a fool to think she might love me / I opened my heart and let her walk through / She wanted Prince Charming / I wanted my home back / How lucky! Both our wishes came true!
    • Shrek then says how is going to build a wall and never allow himself to have friends or fall in love again.
  • You might not notice it the first time, but when we first see the three bears, they're in cages. Then later on, we see the father and baby bears looking utterly miserable when at Shrek's swamp with the rest of the fairy tale creatures. You see exactly why in Lord Farquaad's castle, where the mother bear is shown as a skin rug. To summarise — mother bear didn't make it out of the cage, was evidently killed, and her husband and son lost their wife/mother. A heart-wrenching story told entirely within the background.
  • "Ugh! It's disgusting!"