Tearjerker / Selkie

  • As mentioned under Jerkass Woobie, the fact that an eight-year-old feels this way is just devastating.
    Amanda: When is it gonna be my turn! W-W-Why doesn't a-anyone w-want me...
  • And Selkie, the target of All of the Other Reindeer, gets her shirt stolen.
    • Then there's the arc where we find out that Selkie's saliva is an irritant, which means she can't kiss her father's cheek without causing a rash.
  • And Amanda pulled back into the lead with the revelation that her adoptive parents gave her back to the orphanage because their biological kids didn't get along with her. It also makes her earlier trashing of her GameKid Harsher in Hindsight, despite it already being quite depressing.
    Keisha: I thought you said it was a gift! Why'd you smash it?!
    Amanda: I don't care. People would rather adopt a fish than me. I just don't freakin' care.
  • Page 610, after Amanda gets reclaimed by her birth mother and it is confirmed/revealed they aren't going to be adopted together, we see Keisha's reaction. The monologue from Amanda makes it worse: "Sorry she didn't want you! (distracted by excitement) I'm going to get all my own stuff, no more sharing! I get my own room, my own toys and dresses, and my own FRIKKEN MOM! And the best is, I don't gotta deal with any of the other stupid kids here anymore! Bye, Keisha!"