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Tearjerker: RoboCop (1987)
  • Bordering on Fridge Horror, the scene where the SWAT officers open fire on a seriously damaged Robocop, who by this point was self aware of his past life as Murphy. Considering his original death, then potentially another at the hands of officers that he had worked side by side with is almost as jarring to watch as his first death.
  • There's the heart-rending terror of re-living his traumatic death by gunfire in his memories.
  • After discovering his past identity as Murphy, Robocop returns to his former home and finds out that his wife and son have moved away and his neighbourhood is going to be turned in a model housing development. He wanders around the house while memories of his family come back to him, and we see that he was a man whose wife loved him and who was a hero to his son. He sees a monitor showing an advertisement for the new model homes and gets so angry at how his life was stolen from him that he puts his fist through it.
    • What makes it even worse is that his "memory glitches" keep giving him playback of his wife angrily telling him "I really need to tell you something!" as if to imply that his life had its ugly side. Then when the memory plays out the final time, it's extended to include her smiling (because she was joking) and warmly saying "I love you."
  • When Robocop removes his helmet for the first time and stares sadly at his reflection, seeing for the first time the mechanical monster he's been turned into against his will. He asks Lewis what happened to his family and she tells him they started a new life without him, believing him to be dead.
    Robocop: I can feel them ... but I can't remember them.
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