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Tearjerker: Rio
  • Young Blu and all of the other birds getting captured by poachers.
  • Blu after he and Jewel are freed from the chain, with him stuck on the ground while his bird friends fly.
  • A heartbroken Jewel crying as she flies off after her de-chaining and argument with Blu.
    • What makes this even more heart-wrenching is that if you remember how Jewel first met Blu, she couldn't stand him. And now she's crying because she thinks she'll never see him again.
  • Rafael after getting captured by Nigel along with his friends, solemnly apologizes to Eva that he "won't make it back in time for dinner".
  • Linda releasing Blu. It's mostly intended to be a heartwarmer, but for just a moment, she looks like she's about to cry.
    Linda: That's my big, brave boy.
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