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  • Last One Standing is about the final days of Twilight Sparkle and deals with the deaths of all the mane 6 plus the effects that they have on those they leave behind. Read it here.
  • Growing Up, a beautiful oneshot story that makes brutal use of the fact that Spike seems to be aging a lot slower than the ponies. Unbearably bittersweet, and a lot of it (especially the ending) doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • A real Tear Jerker is from the fanfic adaptation of the "After the Gala" comics. Not only are the reactions of some of the Mane Cast this, the one that really takes the case is Fluttershy's My God, What Have I Done? reaction to her bout of insanity at the Gala. She breaks down and sobs her eyes out at the fact she did something so cruel and horrible. Her friends are just left distraught at the fact they have no idea what they can say to comfort her. The writer even admitted to crying while writing that part! Though of course this just makes the rest of the fic that much more of a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in the end.
  • Mommy Nearest will make you cringe and cry at how much agony Rainbow Dash is suffering. It has a happy ending, but Mare, that's just sadistic.
    • Be warned; it's not just a Tear Jerker, it also contains Body Horror and Nausea Fuel.
      • While the term "Body Horror," sounds bad, it's really not as bad as it sounds.
  • Kalash93 has a penchant for these. They seem to be his favorite trope.
    • The absolutely most heartwrenching moments are all the death scenes in [1], especially Twilight Sparkle's death.
    • Its follow-up, Reflections, is no slouch either, but it ends on an amazing moment of heartwarming.
    • Even his romantic works have this. Racer And The Geek does a good job a conveying the protagonist's internal turmoil.
    • Welcome To The Brothel also features one. Just read the letter and put yourself in the shoes of the protagonist. Ouch.
    • He combines this effectively with horror and a moral dilemma in the short war story, Shell Shock. The final scene is simply chilling.
    • I Did Not Want To Die. A young soldier is shot near the beginning, and the story is told in first person from his point of view as he is dying.
  • Yet another Tear Jerker of a Fanfic, My Little Dashie is based on a comic from Equestria Daily in which someone finds a baby Rainbow Dash in our world. He raises his 'daughter' and they have happy lives together for fifteen years. And then he gets a knock at the door, opens it to find Celestia and the other Mane Six members, all there to take Rainbow Dash home. And he knew they'd be coming the entire time.
    • And there's one sequel in which Dashie returns to her human father after spending three weeks in Equestria, only to discover that 20+ years have passed on Earth, he married and had a daughter (giving Dashie a sister she never knew she had), and is dying from cancer. The last thing he says to her before being wheeled in for an operation that will most likely kill him is, Goodbye, Dashie. You're my daughter and I love you.
    • Azekahh readthis fanfic out, and even he was moved to tears by the story of a Rainbow Dash who was adopted into a loving home. Somehow, having the story read out makes it even more heartwarming and heartrending at once. In particular, the way he goes from being skeptical of the heartwarming/rending content to barely holding in his tears will move you. Near the end, he spends at least a minute sobbing uncontrollably in sympathy towards the main character for his loss. He doesn't just read the story at this point, he almost becomes it.
    • The saddest reading by far is by Mic the Microphone This troper spent the last 20 minutes of the video sobbing uncontrollably.
  • Speaking of Trixie, her two breakdowns in Kindness's Reward where she starts thinking she deserved what happened to her.
  • Trenches is a heartbreaking story of a soldier's sacrifice far from home, knowing that he will never see his wife or meet his child.
  • Both of the stories here. For an extra kick, read the second story while listening to this. You're going to need some alone time. It's quite possibly one of the most beautiful combinations of text and audio you'll ever be honored to witness. Your soul will be cleansed.
  • Today, Tomorrow, and Forever. Derpy Hooves mysteriously takes a day off for the first time anyone can remember, to celebrate Dinky's birthday, despite it being four months away. What at first seems to be just part of her usual weirdness turns out to be that she's been declared an unfit mother, and this is her last chance to spend time with Dinky before she's taken to a foster home. What somehow makes it worse is that the people taking Dinky away are completely sympathetic to Derpy, knowing how much she loves her daughter, but is just too mentally unstable to be trusted with her.
    • She is mentally stable — hard-working, accomplished, and attentive to her daughter. And that's the worst part of it all.
  • To Forgive Is Equine has a few, but one that takes the cake is Pinkie Pie breaking down in tears while talking to the unconscious Twilight at the thought she's going to lose one of her best friends. Also, The Reveal that Trixie's father died of the same illness now threatening Twilight.
  • Of Mares and Magic Is BRIMMING with these.
    • Can somepony explain the story in layman's terms? Not everypony has time to read all 12 chapters.
  • What's Eating Rainbow Dash? does a very good job of giving Rainbow Dash a What the Hell, Hero? moment about the "Mysterious Mare Do Well" as well as a depressing backstory. Her popularity with the ponies went to shit (with the exception of the construction worker she saved) and Junior Fliers academy was really a remedial flight school for bad fliers or fliers needing attitude adjustments, where RD had only Gilda as a friend after flunking out of Summer Flight Camp. The Mane 5 actually feel horrible for their treatment towards her and want to apologize... only to hear that she's moving to Appleloosa for their weather branch. Then RD chews them out by saying that she never asked for a fan club or wanted accidents to happen. Then she points out she doesn't have a little sister, a dragon assistant, a apprenticeship with the Princess, a farm, a dress shop, critters that come to her or ponies that treat her like a daughter. And weather service? That's a lowly position for her and something that will never get her noticed by the Thunderbolts despite winning flying contests. Then she points out her friends left her out of pet day until she got a pet. At least the ending is happy, though even that was due to editorial intervention; the original ending had Twilight find RD dead by her own hooves. The fact that this was from the same author as Fallout: Equestria- Project Horizons explains a lot.
  • This short fic about Luna. Luna had only planned to keep it night for seven days. She never told Celestia that.
  • The last-minute derail of Cupcakes: Consequences. Long story short, after being saved by Twilight Sparkle and Applejack, it's revealed that there's a Parasprite in her head, crushing and poisoning her brain and cure her, but fail to rehabilitate the traumatized Pinkie back into the community. But, it gets even more heart-rending: In the end, she begs Celestia (After several attempts to take her own life, no less.) to be punished as Discord was punished, and is, and remains in statue form in the garden forever, endlessly alone with her torment.
  • The stark, existential horror of Bad End. It's based on what happens if you fail in the fan-game Story of the Blanks. Apple Bloom returns home as a zombiefied filly, leaving a frantic and disgusted Applejack and Big Macintosh to handle having a flesh-craving zombie as a sister. Meanwhile, the rest of the town become increasingly desperate to find out what happened to Apple Bloom when Twilight returned to without her the night before. It's incomplete at four chapters so far, and the author claims it will be revised.
  • Students of Celestia opens with a scene where Celestia visits a funeral for her student Manalight. It ends with both Luna and Celestia attending Twilight Sparkle's funeral.
  • Bubbles, the fanfic origin behind Derpy's cutie mark. Her mother, who hated her with a passion and called her retarded, leaves her in the woods all by herself to get rid of her like Hansel and Gretel. She leaves Derpy with a bubble blowing wand to play with. Mother of god, this made me tear up and I was like a rock during Up and Toy Story 3. There's an alternate ending that can be considered Earn Your Happy Ending material.
    • This Troper got the impression that Derpy's mother was suffering from severe depression in this story, which is what drover her to do all those horrible things instead of outright hatred. It just makes the whole damn thing even more depressing.
  • Circus Days focuses on Spike, and how he feels about being left behind by the mane 6 all the time, to do work while they go on exciting adventures. It's especially sad, when Spike finally calls them all out for always leaving him behind and never appreciating him. And if that wasn't bad enough, he then leaves them all, to live at the circus with some ponies he befriends. This story is just full of Break the Cutie and tear jerking stuff within.
  • Scootaloo's Mistake Is a very sorrowful story... how sorrowful you ask? Rainbow Dash dies saving Scootaloo in the first chapter
  • This troper in particular cried his eyes out at the Family & Friends fanfic by Raefire. Made especially more effective if you've ever lost a pet.
  • Brotherly Bond. Pipsqueak goes camping with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, while at the same time trying to come to terms with the death of his BBBFF (No spoiler, since it's pretty obvious from the start that's what happened).
  • Another firm punch to the gut comes from You Obey. How? It's a second person story in which you, yes you, dear reader, are put in the position of a changeling who is forced to torture a captive. The fic doesn't hold anything back and is extremely realistic, showing just how terrible torture really is for all involved.
  • The Things We Leave Behind. To summarise, Twilight returns to Ponyville from Heaven, one year after sacrificing herself to save Ponyville from an Ursa Major, unleashed by an vengeful Trixie. Invisible and inaudible, - to everyone except Celestia - Twilight follows her friends around as they hold a memorial party, followed by a visit to her grave. No Brony will get through this without tears, especially when Rainbow privately reveals that she saw her as more than just a friend.
    • The follow-up, In History, Maybe is full of tear-jerking moments as well, from Rainbow's failure to win the Wonderbolts Derby, leaving her feeling that she broke her promise to Twilight in the previous story to always do her best in Twilight's memory to her harsh rebuffing of Spitfire's attempts to comfort her by declaring that the two of them aren't friends (made worse by the revelation that Spitfire has a crush on Dash) to the eventual reconciliation of the two pegasi in front of Twilight's grave.
  • That Night Atop The Tower takes Cadence's status as The Woobie and takes it Up to Eleven. How? Celestia reveals to Cadence that, as an Alicorn, she's immortal and will outlive Shining Armor, also revealing Celestia herself suffered the exact same thing. Once Cadence recovers from that bombshell, resolving to remain with Shining Armor, she returns to their bedroom... and is promptly pulled through a mirror by Queen Chrysalis who proceeds to force her to watch as she makes love to Shining Armor right in front of her.
  • The otherwise hilarious fanfic Estrus has a moment where Fluttershy very heavily implies that her parents were religious fundamentalists comparable to Margaret White, - prompting a hug from Pinkie Pie - as well as a brief moment where Pinkie wonders if she might be adopted and looks crestfallen - though it only lasts for a split-second, not long enough for Fluttershy to return the hug.
  • Black Kyurem's fanfic ''A Canterlot Wedding: Aftermath features Twilight Sparkle experiencing a horrible nightmare about the Changelings after the wedding. It was later revealed that she had PTSD not from the Changeling invasion itself but the fact her friends, her brother, and Princess Celestia all abandoning her. This prompts Princess Cadence to call them out on how horrible they were.
  • In ''My Little Pony vs .........., the Mane Six are forced into a series of Ultimate Showdowns to the death against various characters from other media. By the end of the first round, four of them have had clear My God, What Have I Done? reactions to their victories, though Rarity's and Fluttershy's reactions - to killing Toph Bei Fong and Katniss Everdeen respectively - are particularly difficult to read.
    • To a lesser extent, Twilight's reaction to killing a Dalek (if only because she'd already rationalised destroying a robot to herself before finding the Kaled inside it) and Rainbow's to killing Pikachu, (more because of the unintended brutality of the kill than the kill itself).
    • Pinkie has one after killing Taokaka - the two of them had been friends up until Discord had turned Taokaka against her with a doctored video of her fight with Lucy. Made worse by Pinkie's realisation that she's beginning to enjoy the adrenaline rush of the fighting.
    • The deaths of Spike and Sweetie Belle at the hands of the Weeping Angels.
  • A Lot To Think About is an Alternate Universe ending to A Canterlot Wedding where Twilight didn't make it out of the caves to stop the invasion. Everyone is around an unconscious Twilight's hospital bed, unsure if she'll recover from exposure and dehydration, while Celestia mourns what happened because she refused to listen to her faithful student. It ends with Twilight finally waking up and immediately being informed that Cadance didn't make it.
  • "Bitterness" An another Alternate Universe ending where instead of easily forgiving everyone in "A Canterlot Wedding," Twilight lashes out on how they left her.
  • Shell Shockhas a harrowing final scene where Fluttershy is forced to choose between killing a fleeing POW or being killed in his stead. Even worse is that it's implied that no matter she did, he'd be killed anyway.
  • Welcome To The Brothel. Short and to the point, but chock full of raw emotion.
  • Nothing Lasts Forever. It's a short fic, but trust me, you WILL cry. A lot. It'll be a dark day for the fandom when the show finally ends.
  • The End of an Era is based around the idea of the show ending and what it created fading away. Though it does end on a Bittersweet Ending.
  • The Fall of Twilight Sparkle, an Alternate Ending for the second episode in which Applejack fails to grab onto Twilight in time when the mountain collapses. There's so much tear jerking in here, it's hard to identify one specific example.
  • Chapter 16 of The Golden Armor goes right for the feels, and doesn't let up. In it Angel Beats hear why Comet Burst is such a distant hardass. Apparently, his sister Nova was born with a rare immune disease that left her very sickly, and he cared for her every day, and loved her dearly. One day after she took him to the park and he spent an hour playing, he came back to find her sleeping. He tried to wake her up before realizing there was something wrong. He dragged her halfway home before their parents found them and got an ambulance, but she was pronounced dead at the hospital because of an irregular heartbeat from her medication. He blames himself for this, even though no one could ever say it was his fault.
  • Chapter 5 of Maternal Instinct, by Magic Man, which ends with Chrysalis almost beating her daughter and heir to death in a fit of rage, only to come back to her senses and realize what she just did.
  • Clean Up On Smile Five has Pinkie break her teeth on a candy apple. While there is some comedy to it, just how absolutely terrified Pinkie is of the dentist and why she is makes it impossible not to feel sorry for the poor mare.
  • From the writer of the Pony POV Series, Stick to the Foaluma is a piece of Surreal Horror that involves Silver Spoon realizing she and Diamond's lives seem to revolve around tormenting the CMC and almost have a Heel Realization...but unfortunately, Status Quo Is God literally hits the Reset Button. The Tear Jerker comes from the fact that No matter what she does, she and Diamond are forced to be the CMC's Big Bad to deal with, and they can't change it.
  • Scootaloo's Painful Secret deals with Scootaloo and her abusive mother.
    • The sequel, The Road To Recovery, is lighter and happier, but still has its fair share of sad moments.
  • At the Bottom of the Bottle, written from Ruby Pinch's perspective when Berry Punch comes home drunk, a regular occurrence. Made worse by the implication Berry Punch can be a very mean drunk if she gets more drunk and drinks because Ruby's father 'not being around anymore.' Ruby explaining why she poured all of Berry's booze down the drain is the biggest tearjerker and thankfully triggers Berry to say My God, What Have I Done? and have a Jerkass Realization.
    Ruby: B-B-Because I wan-wanted my M-Mommy back!
  • Gummy will never leave Pinkie Pie...right?
  • The opening chapter of Mirror's Image, dealing with the death of the just-born Twilight Sparkle.
  • Wonderful: The last word will bury you under the weight of its tense selection.
  • The Best Medicine contains a death... but it's not Pinkie..
    • On a meta level, there's an OC based heavily on a friend who really did die. It's not him, either.
  • In We Regret to Inform You, Mr. and Mrs. Cake die due to "extreme weather conditions" in Baltimare, and Pinkie has to become the Cake twins' legal guardian according to their will. It became even more tear-jerking following the real-life 2016 East Coast snowstorm.
  • The Wedding is Off!: another "Canterlot Wedding" Accusation Fic where Twilight lashes out at her friends, brother, and mentor for leaving her at the rehearsal and gives up on them. Only this time Spike and Cadence also become furious and leave them as well, with Cadence forbidding Shining Armor from coming near her or Twilight. The Mane Five decide to go on with their lives without Twilight, only to be berated and/or shunned by everyone else (even Fluttershy's animals turn on her). And finally, Celestria is disgraced for neglecting her duty to protect her subjects and leaving it to the Elements of Harmony.
  • One Thousand Years, detailing Celestia's heartbreak of having to banish her own sister. She breaks down crying several times during the story, and for good reason.