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Tearjerker: Jagged Alliance
Sometimes, the mercs' Informal Eulogy when a friend or lover dies can be heartbreaking.
  • If Bull dies, Grizzly will first be shocked, and then promise to take care of his wife and children for him, sounding like he's about to break up into tears.
  • If Danny dies after MD had formed a friendship with him, he'll lament that Danny's field surgery skills were like "poetry in motion" and be very mopey.
  • If Haywire dies, Razor thinks he's just joking around. The tearjerker comes from razor just dismissing his friend's death, saying that he'll do "anything for a laugh" not realizing until later that Haywire really is dead.
  • Ivan and Igor. If one of them dies, the other's reaction is heartbreaking.
  • Raven and Raider. It's pretty much the first time one is likely to see them acknowledge each other as husband and wife, and it's painful.
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