Tearjerker: Evil Dead

  • Yeah, the series is mostly over the top... but damn is it not hard to start tearing up at Annie's death at the end of Part 2.
    Ash: You did it, kid.
  • When Ash loses his hand is kinda depressing. Having lost his friends, the love of his life, and then finally the deadites possess a part of his body which he has to get rid of.
    Ash: Give me back my hand. GIVE ME BACK MY HAAAND!
  • The entire resuscitation scene from the remake. David has to bury his sister alive to purge the demon possessing her, and while he's doing so, the Deadite gives him a nasty Breaking Speech made all the worse by the fact that it's completely true. After it's all done, he digs her back up and desperately tries to bring his little sister back to life using an improvised Magical Defibrillator, all the while begging her to Please Wake Up. The scene would be emotional enough, but the music pushes it way into tearjerker territory.
  • Prior to this, he attempts to set the cabin on fire with a Possesed!Mia inside, only to stop when he hears her singing their deceased mother's lullaby.
  • In Evil Dead 2, Ash regaining his former self after becoming a deadite for a second time. What triggers this change? Ash letting out a sorrowful cry while holding a necklace he gave to his recently deceased girlfriend earlier on in the movie.