Tearjerker: Dragon Ball Z Abridged

Who knew an Abridged Series could have its sad moments?

  • Nappa's remorse over killing his new pet on Planet Arlia, it's Played for Laughs, but it's clear he's torn up about it.
  • Piccolo's death. Yeah, his final words were a Brick Joke, but Gohan's scream was pretty heartwrenching, considering Piccolo was his first real friend, there's two killer aliens coming after him and his dad still hasn't shown up.
  • When Gohan expresses that he'll go to Namek as a responsibility to the deceased Piccolo, Chi-Chi expresses that he won't with Anger Born of Worry. Gohan's response?
    Gohan: SHUT YOUR F***ING FACE! (extended beat) I'll be going to Namek now.
    Chi-Chi: (leaving room) You best.
    (loudly slams door behind her)
  • Guldo after being decapitated, he starts to ponder the meaning of his life then Vegeta throws another dog treat at him. It's hard not to feel sorry for him.
  • Burter's death. It's preluded by him opening up about his insecurities regarding his usefulness to his team, and Jeice assuring him that Burter is "me best mate" for helping to move a piano into his flat in "no time at all", also reminiscing about Recoome and Guldo at the time. Just as they resolve to go off to have a good old time (a villainous equivalent of And the Adventure Continues), Mood Whiplash ensues when Goku immediately cuts their plans short. Fatally.
  • Gohan's Parental Abandonment issues.
    Gohan: Think, what would my dad do?
    Goku: [in Gohan's mind] Bye, son!
    Gohan: I'm beginning to think I have issues.
  • Freeza's beat-down of Vegeta.
    Freeza: You see? It's just like I told you. Like a bitch.note 
    • And after Freeza kills him.
    • This conversation just before Goku arrives and Freeza kills Vegeta out of spite.
      Freeza: It seems our game is over, Vegeta. Now that we're done here, it's time to send you crying home to mommy.
      Vegeta: My mother's dead.
      Freeza: I know. note 
  • Goku's reaction to Vegeta's death:
    Goku: C'mon, you deserve a proper burial.
    Freeza: Ah, yes. A proper burial: an unmarked grave on an empty planet in the middle of Nowhere, Space. Honestly, I'd say it's too good for him.
    Goku: I'll be sure to give Freezer one for you, best buddy. Goodbye.
  • Just like in the source material, the Bad Future Trunks comes from. Especially Yamcha's fate. This fate is the above picture.
  • Goku's reaction to Freeza killing Krillin. You can hear from the sound of his voice that Goku was trying to hold in his tears.
  • Tien's reaction to Chaotzu's death. Great bit of acting from Ganxingba.
  • Vegeta's treatment of Trunks in Episode 38 is quite sad to watch note :
    Vegeta: I'm sorry but... I don't listen to bastards.
    • Later:
      Trunks: Oh come on, we both know I'm your son.
      Vegeta: And are you as disappointed as I am?
      Trunks: *growls*
    • Even later, when Vegeta sees "the real Androids" that Trunks warned them about...
      Vegeta: Wow, you're just the Grand Central Station of disappointment, aren't you?
      Trunks: <upset> How are these people friends with you!?
    • Immediately lampshaded by Tien who essentially tells Trunks that they aren't "friends" in any sense of the word. They pretty much just embody the whole enemy of my enemy is my friend idea, which in no way states that they have to like each other. The Z Warriors and Vegeta are like Vitriolic Best Buds minus the best buds bit.
  • Vegeta's abuse towards Future Trunks does not lighten up either, as the moment Future Trunks tells Vegeta that he's not as strong as Goku to his face, Vegeta snaps and winds his own son.
    • It all finally catches up to him once Android 18 breaks his arm.
    • On another note, it's just sad that Trunks knows absolutely nothing about the man. His reaction to when Piccolo told him that Vegeta once tried to kill everyone is nothing short of horror and shock. It's possibly (and sadly) justified in that Vegeta has done nothing that would make one even want to tell his child(ren) about him. Hell, the best thing that the mother of his child could say about Vegeta to a young Trunks was "You share his gender." Ouch.
  • Yamcha looking on while Goku is screaming in pain as he suffers from his bacon-induced heart attack, while the spoken dialogue is Played for Laughs you can tell he's real worried about him, probably the only one of the gang that Yamcha can consider a friend.
    • The thought of having to just stand there watching your friend suffer due to an extremely painful condition, knowing full well there's not a damned thing you can do about it can evoke tears...
    • On a similar note, the two instances when a giant enemy is torturing a helpless Goku, first Ozaru Vegeta, then Giant Lord Slug, by squeezing him so hard it makes his lungs squeak like a dog toy. It's played for laughs, but Goku's pained screams aren't, and you can tell he's hurting horribly.
  • And now TFS has a Do you Want to Build a Snowman parody, only replace "we're orphans now and only have each other" with "we're an endangered species and homeless now and only have each other". And a few years after Nappa says this, Raditz dies and Vegeta murders him.
    • There's also the fact that Nappa doesn't remember Raditz's name during the song. Raditz actually was stronger than Goku at that point, but Nappa only remembered the latter's name.
  • Kami's revelation about why he's putting off assimilating with Piccolo, bringing up a lot of Fridge Horror about Kami's existence in the process:
    Piccolo: But if you don't fuse with me, the entire world you're guarding might be destroyed!
    Kami: Maybe I'd rather it be destroyed, then ever have to be part of you again!
    Nail: Mom? Dad? Please stop fighting.
    Kami: Listen, Piccolo. I've been the guardian for over three hundred years. I've seen wars, sickness, death, and far worse. All the while trapped on this lookout. Unable to interact with the outside world for more than moments at a time. Now the only chance I have left is to give up my free will to someone else. It's just another prison.
    Piccolo: ...Wow I... I didn't-
    Kami: It's fine. I'm done anyway. You're right: If I don't do this now, we are likely to lose everything.
    • The music during Kami's monologue really drives home the melancholy, too. All in all it is a surprisingly heartfelt scene.
  • Cooler, despite his snark and wit, is just a member of Frieza's race that got screwed out of a good childhood. His utter disdain for his brother, this line, and his death (which has both a heartbreaking score and death scream) cement this.
    "See? This is the difference. My brother would have stood around postulating and claiming his victory, like some haughty green Hort-child. I know what it takes to get the job done, WHICH IS WHY FATHER SHOULD HAVE-"
  • Even though it looked like he didn't care before, Mr. Popo now REALLY isn't himself after Kame fused with Piccolo. He even sees a vision of him after Goku asks what gives.
  • Piccolo's situation in Episode 45. After fusing with Kami and essentially taking his role as Guardian of the Earth, Cell appears and starts killing entire cities. And, despite the power boost, Piccolo can't do anything to stop him.
    Piccolo: I get it! He's absorbing people! I'm trying to stop it!
    • Bonus points when you think about Kami's reservations about holding off on fusing with Piccolo.
  • Android 16 on the drive through the forest:
    16: I personally enjoy this alternate route. It is dense with foliage, and wildlife, and-
    (18 blows the forest away)
    16: And spending time with you. But clearly you disagree.
  • The 2014 Halloween special. In Krillin's dream, Cell brings up how Krillin never feels he can measure up compared to his friends. Likely, that's how he feels every time he fights evil with the others.
  • The History of Trunks is looking to be one big episode of this, even the trailer shows this, with somber music and no hint of comedy. The guys even had to take to the comment sections to assert that there would be funniness in it.
    • Android 17 actually undergoes a Heel Realization when he comes to the conclusion that all the death and destruction he's caused has been meaningless and how his true dream is to become a Park Ranger. Then Gohan sneak attacks 17 and he decides to reject his epiphany.
    • Trunks' reaction to Gohan's death and Trunks' first time turning Super Saiyan. After Trunks regains consciousness, he immediately realized that Gohan attempted to face the Cyborgs alone with the only words being "Oh no...". Then afterwards, in an Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene-variety, he finds Gohan dead, and lets out a Skyward Scream, just like in the original Japanese version of the Special. Kaiser's performance throughout the whole scene is just heart-rending and one can imagine how his voice was after that scream.
    • Chichi's smothering nature was always played for laughs at best or to make her look like a Flat Earth Atheist Jerkass at worst. Then you see how she's turned out in a future where any hope she had for Gohan is long gone, and her methods caused him to never visit.
    • The deterioration of Gohan's relationship with Goku to the point he considers Piccolo the father he never had.
    Gohan: You know if you think I'm rough you should have trained with Mr. Piccolo.
    Trunks: You really looked up to him didn't you?
    Gohan: Yeah! He was like the father I never had.
    • Gohan's death is this. Ready to make one final stand against the Androids... and he loses. We don't even get to see the fight in sequential order, though we do get flashes of it during Trunks' transformation scene.
    Gohan: No! This isn't where my story ends!
    Trunks: This is where Gohan's story ends.