Tearjerker / Big Daddy

  • The "Sweet Child of Mine" montage, after Sonny loses custody of Julian. Though, this is immediately followed by the court scene, which turns out to be a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Julian's heartbroken "I want Sonny to be my daddy!" gets me every time.
  • "I won't play the Kangaroo Song anymore."
    • "But I wipe my own ass!"
  • When the judge drops the hammer and says Sonny is still going to jail because it wasn't the matter if Sonny could take care of Julian, it's because he kidnapped him (By definition). It might seem mean spirited, but the Judged clearly did enjoy the nice stories hearing of how good Julian was taken care of by Sonny, only she has to do her job and call out the fact that he did kidnapped him by impersonating his best friend (who was the father). Just the silence of everyone in the court room, you can tell this wasn't the fairy tale ending everyone hoped that Sonny would get.
    • Luckily in the end, he got the next best thing.