Tear Jerker / ZombiU

  • When the Prepper discovers that you've been working with Dr. Knight and hears your transmission from the Ravens of Dee again. He flips out and shouts at you to leave his safe house. By reading a document in the safe house, it's revealed to the player that the Prepper and Sandra Kelly - the leader of the Ravens of Dee - knew each other. It explains that Sandra tried to reason with the Prepper, who ultimately declined every offer of hers. After the player leaves, we see the Prepper for the first and last time as he walks about the safe house: his right leg is prosthetic, suggesting - perhaps only to the Prepper's psyche - that he isn't capable of escaping; at the very least, the prosthetic leg diminishes his chances of maneuvering competently alongside the player for a final dash.
  • The E3 trailer. The rendition of "God Save the Queen" doesn't help.