Tear Jerker / Yu-Gi-Oh! Forever

Arguably sad moments from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Forever fan-fiction story:

  • The moment in Yugi’s flashback where he finds himself in the awkward position of explaining to two-year-old Yugo that his mother has died and is never coming back is one of these.
  • Pegasus’s flashback to when he first adopted Raven and Honey.
  • The moment of Judith’s death.
  • Natasha Truesdale’s Heroic B.S.O.D. in a restaurant restroom.
    Natasha: I...I've failed...I'm a Truesdale, and yet...I'm so weak...even the other Osiris Red students laugh at me...and now...I won't get a good grade, now that I've failed...James hates me so much already...and I don't even know why he hates me...and Daddy...what will he think of me...
  • The moment when Jillian reveals her past to Honey.
  • Zane Truesdale's admission of his failure as a parent in Chapter 267, while talking to his son James.
    Zane Truesdale: I only hope that one day...you and your sister will be able to forgive me for allowing our family link to deteriorate as much as it has. I'm not fit to be a father, I know that...and you both deserve to have had a better role model than I could ever be. I just hope it's not too late to begin anew...although, with all the pain I've allowed you to go through for so long, it wouldn't surprise me at all if, even now, you're telling me in your mind to drop dead.