Tear Jerker: You're Under Arrest!

  • "The stopwatch that was once soaked in the rain was now soaked with tears." Watch it.
  • Also the end of the episode featuring Yoriko and Prince Saki Abdusha. Specially when she rejects his marriage proposal due to their age and class differences, but still goes to the airport to say goodbye to him as he goes back to his war-torn home to try bringing peace to it, and cries silently when he boards his plane.
  • And the end of the first episode of the "rogue officers" two-part, when Nakajima breaks his leg while trying to catch the Face Heel Turned policemen and lays in incredible pain on the ground, and next to his totalled bike. The sadness doesn't disappear in the second episode where Miyuki has a thankfully brief Heroic BSOD and the other officers, normally rather nice and peaceful people, are so incredibly angry that they're willing to break rules and go after the culprits, screaming that they need to do it "to avenge Nakajima". The contrast with the rest of the series is so damn... stark.