Tear Jerker / Xenosaga

  • The Xenosaga series has a few of these moments; for example during Allen's Crowning Moment of Awesome in Episode 3.
  • The ending in Xenosaga: Episode 2 in which Jr. defeats Albedo (the Big Bad of the game, who is also Jr.'s twin brother) only to find out that Albedo's true motive was to die (he's technically immortal as he can regenerate any part of his body). Albedo's speech and Crispin Freeman's (the voice actor of Albedo) superb delivery of the lines are just the tips of the iceberg, but the real kicker is when Albedo gets carried off by angels while Jr.'s screaming, "No Albedo! Don't go!" Here's the scene. Adding to the fact that the first game just showed Albedo as an insane psychopath makes this all the more depressing.
  • Earlier, you had Albedo's reaction to the revelation that his friends could not regenerate like he could, and that he would live forever while watching everyone he knows and loves die.
    • Imagine yourself: You've been gifted with the ability to NEVER die... You'd look the same way each and every day... While everyone else around you all get old and eventually die... And that includes everyone you know and love! No matter where you go or who you befriend, you'll ALWAYS wind up outliving them... Soon, you'd be reserved, refusing to even make eye contact with anybody in fear of getting too attached to them... And to make matters worse, you'd see the death of the world and maybe even the universe up close! It's no wonder Albedo went crazy... And anybody out there who's reading this... Ask yourself this question: Do you really want to live forever...?
  • Just before the climax of the URTV arc in Episode III. Gaignun has spent at least a year being tormented, controlled and sublimated by their bodysurfing mad scientist father, and struggles to the surface long enough to beg Jr. to put him out of his misery. The recently-resurrected Albedo agrees with this plan, and glibly interjects, "It'll be just like when you killed me, remember?". This, and the previous Episode II's ending serve to illustrate death as the ultimate expression of brotherly love. And Jr. loves his family.
  • The whole Febronia/Virgil story in Episode III was one big tear jerker. During the Miltian conflict flashback, Febronia takes in an injured Virgil, even though Virgil is an enemy soldier. She nurses him back to health and even donates some of her organs to him. Later on, Febronia is killed and eaten by berserk Realians, all in front of a helpless Virgil. Afterwards, the present-day Virgil (an undead testament and villain) shows up in the flashback (it's complicated), and the party fights him. After the battle, Febronia's spirit shows up. Febronia tells Virgil that she still loves him, which convinces Virgil to come to terms with himself and Febronia's death, and they both Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence in a beautiful scene.
  • Jin's Heroic Sacrifice at the end of Episode III. Not only did Jin give a farewell speech to Shion and Co. (Shion especially) that was beyond heartwarming, he saved KOS-MOS (who remained with chaos and a couple cast members) by trying to destroy the same Gnosis that ripped off her arm by self-destructing his mecha (it was implied to be damaged anyway), and THEN proceeded to cut Gnosis in half with his katana, only to be stabbed through the leg and arm from an airborne Gnosis's sword. The game proceeds to make you think he's gonna make it because he pulls it out and keeps fighting with said Gnosis. However, they both stab each other, fatally. He dies only a couple minutes later.
    • And.. and while this is happening chaos is understanding what both Jin and KOS-MOS, and to that extant Shion and the others are all sacrificing so that he, Nephilim, and Mary Magdalene can guide the lost souls. chaos is so concerned for Jin, but Jin says something along the lines of "It's okay, concentrate, chaos!" and chaos says "Right. Thank you, Jin!" he sounds truly thankful for Jin's assistance, knowing Jin's virtually committing suicide. Once chaos is all done, he looks around and says "Come on, Jin!" sees Jin's dead body huddled over his sword, and... chaos' face looks thoroughly crestfallen. And then he says "Thank you." Ow, my heart...
  • MOMO's quiet "I can still fight..." whenever she is revived in Episode I was a definite tear jerker, every time. Something about hearing a small child on the verge of death trying to keep going just kills one.
  • The end of Episode III. After the climax, watching the credits roll with such gorgeous music while KOS-MOS closes her eyes to finally have some rest until she awakens again. And then it hits you, that you will never be able to see the rest of the story and this is most likely the end of the series altogether and the last Xenosaga main game that will ever be made. But, maybe tomorrow...
  • After being a memorable ship through the entire series, the Durandal is hijacked by Dmitri Yuriev and rammed into Abel's Ark. The next time you see it, it's split in half down the middle...
  • In Seller's last scene in Episode III, right before he leaves, Jr. charges at him and he tells Jr. he has no intention of fighting him. He then proceeds to say that his only duty was to buy time... And then says that it's all he can really do... I'm not sure if I'm the only one or not, but the tone in his voice and the way he says it makes you almost pity the Genius Crippled man... Even if it is kind of his fault his knees were shot off...
  • Shion seeing her dead parents, and trying to put the blood back in her mother.
  • Sakura's sad story, and her budding romance with Jr., and her death.
  • When MOMO is forced to wonder if her heart "is just an optional feature" at the UMN Control Center.
  • Much of Shion's motivation in the first two games is to fulfill Febronia's wish that she go to Miltia to "Save her sisters." It isn't until late in Episode II when Shion learns exactly what Feb meant: Give them a Mercy Kill. After reluctantly accepting Feb's desires, she can only look away and not watch as she cements her decision.
    Shion: KOS-MOS... fire!