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Tear Jerker: Whatever Happened to The Caped Crusader?
  • The way Clayface's expression becomes sorrowful when Batman sacrifices his life to save him. Being made of moldable clay, his entire face slumps, when recalling Batman told him everyone deserved to be saved. You can tell the entire episode rocked him to his core.
  • Bruce's mother telling him that the only reward he gets for being Batman, is to be Batman again, and worse, he only gets to have a few years of happiness.
  • "Goodbye, moon."
  • The Riddler's lamentations from the Bonus story in the TPB "When is a Door." A TV crew is trying to interview criminals, and they find an old Riddler who takes care of a "junk yard" which is comprised of many wondrous attractions past their time. They represent his own state, and the nostalgia he still holds onto.
    Riddler: "We hung out together, down at the "What a Way to Go-Go.' It was great! And there were all these guys you never see anymore... King Tut. Book Worm. Marsha, Queen of Diamonds. Egg Head. Hoo Hoo. "sigh" Where did they all go? Batman and Robin were part of the fun. They were the straight men, but we were the stars. No one ever hurt anybody. Not really. Nobody died. You look around these days — It's all different. It's all changed. The Joker's killing people for God's Sake! Did I miss something? Was I away when they changed the rules?"
    • And later:
    Reporter: "So tell us, what's the most impressive crime you've ever committed?"
    Riddler: "I robbed a bank underwater, once. The clue for that was left on a giant crossword puzzle on the side of the cross cleaning company building. They tore it down, years ago, I think it's in here somewhere. None of this stuff works any more. They're all rusted up and forgotten. You know what they call them now? Camp, Kitsch, Corny... Dumb... ...Stupid. Well, I loved them — they were part of my childhood. Back then, they all worked perfectly, the guns fired, the cameras took pictures, the pencils wrote. Nobody comes down here anymore. ...Nobody but me.
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