Tear Jerker / Warriors The Final Cry

It's the wild, and life is harsh. After all, does StarClan want them to lead the soft lives of kittypets?
  • The unexplained disappearance of Breeze, Tawny and Sparrow's mother. The barley-weaned kits nearly starve before they decide to go out looking for food themselves.
  • The fate of the apprentice Cloudpaw. All that is known is that he was Breezeclaw's first apprentice and that he died of unknown causes. Breezeclaw is still upset about it.
  • Missingtail's family seemed happy enough until his mate died in saving the life of one of their daughters. Missingtail grew to resent Dapplefur, blaming her for her mother's death, showed no emotion over his only son's death and later mocked him for being weak, and adoring his remaining daughter Robinflight. Missingtail still adores his grandkits through Robinflight, and often taunts Dapplefur about having undisciplined, disloyal and all around unpleasant kits.
    • The relationship between Robinflight and Dapplefur got so bad that Dapplefur apparently allowed the kittypets to kill Robinflight's daughter Spottedpaw.
  • After witnessing the death of their mother as kits, Smokeclaw and Hazelflight both display classic symptoms of PTSD.
  • Patchclaw not loving his mate or kits. In fact, it is suggested that he sees the kits as tool to be used for his own gains.