Tear Jerker / Warbreaker

  • The entirety of Susebron's life up until Siri meets him. He was taken from his birth mother, had his tongue cut out, was raised locked in a palace, and isn't supposed to be touched or spoken to.
  • Blushweaver's murder.
  • And in response, Lightsong's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Llarimar finally revealing Lightsong's past.
  • Viviena's time as a beggar when she basically lost everything.
  • After Vasher was being tortured by Denth, he realizes that Denth isn't happy about it. That some good still exists in him, but badly beaten down and even more tortured than Vasher is right now.
    Denth: You think I should just go back to the way I was before? The happy, friendly man everyone loved?
    Vasher: You were a good person
    Denth: That man saw and did terrible things. I've tried, Vasher. I've tried going back. But the darkness...it's inside. I can't escape it. My laughter has an edge to it. I can't forget.
    Vasher: I can make you. I know the Commands (Denth pauses, shocked) I promise, I will take it all from you, if you wish.
    Denth: (stands with his sword lowered, thinking for a long while but then shook his head) No. I don't deserve that. Neither of us do.
    • Also, the bit leading up to the torture.
    Vasher [quietly]: Torturing me won't bring her back.
    Denth [turning, blade catching the moonlight]: No. It won't.
    • Becomes potent Fridge Horror when you remember that Denth is torturing his brother-in-law, and the only family he has left.
  • Treledees and his unarmed priests attacking armed soldiers in the hope of buying time for their god to escape. That's when you know that despite all their abominable practices, they really are good at heart.
  • Nightblood's inability to acknowledge Shashara's death