Tear Jerker / Wakfu

  • The end of Episode 19 has a "friendly fight" between Sadlygrove and Prince Armand turn near-deadly. Severely beaten and feeling threatened upon his life, Percedal gives in control to Rubilax, becoming the large demon that fought Yugo in the first episode. Evangelyne, having had enough of the pointless fight, tries to get in Rubilax/Sadlygrove's way, and he returns the favor by destroying her bow. The shock hits both her and (when he regains some composure) Sadlygrove. The latter then flees from the Sadida Kingdom still in demon form, and is now viewed as an enemy by the prince and his men, leaving Evangelyne with some very empty eyes.
  • The death of the Soft Oak in episode 13 is pretty sad too.
  • Percedal Sadlygrove's death to the guns of Razetime, a walking autonymous tank in episode 25 (Season 1). The sequence is full of common tropes, but with strong execution and somber reactions from the entire cast. The biggest reaction comes from Evangelyne; the series' more serious, mature and supportive character. The whole episode, she and (primarily) Sadlygrove have been rallying and encouraging the team past fear and uncertainty, to stop Nox. When Percedal falls, she ''breaks'' entirely; and her eyes show it immediately. She's so utterly destroyed that when Razetime marches straight up next to her to finish the job, she makes no effort to avoid her death - calmly giving her own tearjerking line to echo Percedal's: "Let's become legends together." Even Rubilax, the group's Deadpan Snarker, least concerned member and frequent antagonizer of his master Percedal, appears genuinely torn up.
  • Nox has spent 200 years of research, plotting, and genocide in order to gather the energy needed to travel back in time and stop his family from being destroyed partially due to his own negligence. In the end, he manages to defeat the heroes, drain the Tree of Life (killing the Sadidas in the process), and uses the all the energy gained over this time period to travel back in time... a whole twenty minutes. The ending would have been happier if he had completely won.
  • Really, the entire season finale is a Tear Jerker where the tears are made of Hot Blood.
  • Most of Special Episode 3. It starts with Yugo and Adamai fighting over the Dofus, resulting in Yugo physically harming Adamai and Adamai rejecting his brother forever. Then we have Grovy losing his arm in the battle against Ogrest and Yugo being indirectly responsible for a hail of asteroids raining down upon the World of Twelve, resulting in widespread devastation. It ends with a happy tear jerker, though: Eva and Grovy's wedding.