Tear Jerker / Vienna Teng

  • "Passage" has made many people bawl. It starts out with the words "I died in a car crash two days ago". And the album performance is even more haunting than the live.
  • "Daughter", apparently an unspoken message from a parent to a daughter. "Did you know you're so beautiful on the edge of summer that years from now, I'll cry to remember how very close you were?"
    • Just reading this entry made me tear up.
  • "Say Uncle" was written in memory of her uncle, who died when she was 16.
  • Then there is "Blue Caravan".
  • And also "Watershed".
  • As well as "St. Stephen's Cross". Something about the lyric "And he closed his eyes and heard no sound / But her breathing warm against his mouth" can make one tear up.
  • Recessional: "'Anyway,' she says, 'I'll see you around...'" and the wails that follow... such a beautiful tragedy.
  • "Lullaby for a Stormy Night".
  • "Eric's Song". I paid close attention to the lyrics, and have still have no clue what she's on about, although they seem happy enough, the song makes (me, at least) want to cry...
  • "Antebellum": A very sad song about a once loving, once hopeful relationship that falls apart.
  • "Radio": A song premised on a terrorist attack on San Francisco as seen by a doctor/first responder.
    I'm sorry Mama
    I held on for as long as I could
    I'm sorry Papa
    There was nothing more I could do