Tear Jerker / Vagrant Story

  • The conclusion of Sydney and Hardin's stories: The former is finally free to return to his father's side, his mission to rid the world of Lea Monde completed. But he himself is still cursed by the power of the Dark, and thus, surrenders himself to Duke Bardorba's fatal stabbing... dissipating into motes of light with a saintly smile. Then the Duke himself follows his son unto death. As for Hardin, wounded though he was by Guilderstern, he manages to take Joshua and Merlose to safety well outside Lea Monde's walls, and dies peacefully as Joshua (who had been mute throughout the entire game) cries out to him. Never had an Anti-Villain faction gotten such a heartbreaking, yet fitting ending.
  • The scene between Ashley and Sydney just before the final battle.
    Sydney: Ashley...I...I'm...
    Ashley: ...I know.