Tear Jerker / Type O Negative

Depending on your perspective, any of the songs by this Gothic Metal band could be this since the death of Peter Steele. Initially, they were known for their dark humor. However, when Peter Steele's father died, the band's sound became considerably more morbid.

  • Separate from his death, nearly the entirety of World Coming Down is generally agreed to be this.
    • "Everyone I Love is Dead" can really reduce some people to tears upon hearing it. This was inspired by when when he stayed with his surviving family, found out further relatives died, and took in the situation properly — and had somewhat of a mental breakdown. The video was filmed in the shipyard where his father worked.
    • "Everything Dies."
    • Three skits titled "Sinus," "Liver," and "Lung" three ways members of the band were worried they could die.
  • The song "Red Water" is a candidate for most depressing Christmas song ever with such lines as "The table is set for but seven. Last year I dined with eleven." However, Peter was able to maintain his humor because he was busy on tour at the time, and so it did not affect him as badly as it did a couple of years later.
  • Later on, the last album was called Dead Again. Peter died three years after its release, made sadder by the fact he was in good health and looking forward to making a new album which never got made. Johnny Kelly was even scouting rehearsal spaces when he got the call.
    • An even sadder thought is that Josh Silver most likely would not have come back for another album cycle. He was getting tired of the uncertainty of the music industry and wanted to spend more time with his kids. He didn't perform at what would be Type O's final show because he couldn't take time off from training to be an EMT. To Peter's credit, he understood, saying "I wouldn't wait for me either."
  • The two songs written in tribute to Peter Steele's parents, "Todd's Ship Gods" and "Nettie"; interestingly, the lyrics involve people encouraging others not to cry (Peter's dad to Peter in the former, Peter to his mother in the latter.)
  • "Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)"'s lyrics are obviously about a girlfriend committing suicide and the singer joining her, although the song was technically dedicated to Steele's cat Venus, who had recently died.
  • "Love You to Death." "Am I good enough for you?"
    • Made even more heartbreaking by an achingly beautiful descending guitar figure underneath the vocal.
  • Lacuna Coil's "My Spirit" which was dedicated to Peter.
  • Moonspell's "New Tears Eve" was also dedicated to Peter.