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Tear Jerker: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
aka: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • It's hard to find someone that doesn't cry during "Prince of Peace", or "A Dream Child".
    • "For the Sake of Our Brother", "Back to a Reason", "Believe", "Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24" (Both this and "Believe" were originally Savatage songs), "Old City Bar"....the list goes on.
  • Anyone who is familiar with TSO's history and knows who Daryl Pediford is will probably cry upon watching The Christmas Attic DVD or just by listening to "Music Box Blues".
  • You wouldn't expect "The Wisdom of Snow", a lighthearted piano piece, to have such a heartbreaking story behind it.
    • To explain, "The Wisdom of Snow" is played during the narration where the audience learns that the old man's wife had died during childbirth, and his son would not be able to talk or possibly even walk, leading the man to reject his son and have him placed in foster care. Bryan Hicks's narration of the whole ordeal really sells it.

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alternative title(s): Trans-Siberian Orchestra
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