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Tear Jerker: Toradora!
  • Quite a few, but especially when Taiga finally realizes her feelings for Ryuuji at the end of Episode 19 and tries to run after him, only to find him gone and she starts crying her eyes out. To make matters even worse was the fact that this scene immediately followed a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, making for a serious case of Mood Whiplash.
  • Who DIDN'T tear up when they heard: "RYUJI IS MINE!"?! Is it possible to have a Crowning Moment of Awkward?
  • "If it's possible, may Aisaka's father please come up and say something?" * sob*
    • It's even worse when you consider that right before the beauty show started, Taiga had decided to keep that introduction even though it looked like her father might not be coming, putting all of her trust in him. She wasn't doing it for herself, she was doing it for Ryuugi
  • "Lost My Pieces" from the OST. After watching through the whole series, it will make you tear up at the drop of a hat. Especially considering when it's played...
  • "I also want to be an idiot who only knows how to dash forward!"
  • Basically any scene with Minori during or after episode 24. Especially when she breaks down crying after putting on her happy face until Ryuuji and Taiga leave Ami's house.
  • Ami's scenes with Ryuuji in episode 23, with her feeling it would be best for her to leave and Ryuuji insisting that everyone cares about her.
  • Who didn't tear up a little when "Mou ichido". If only because it was THE Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • The show is just chock full of these Tearjerker: the anime.
    • Agreed. This troper did the ugly cry more times than she can count on one hand. And then basically broke down during the last two episodes.
  • Toradora! has left this troper crying even when seeing the scene where Taiga realizes she loves Ryuuji and tries to run after him for the third time.
    • This Troper was actually much sadder when Minori admits she's loved Ryuuji this whole time, but hasn't done anything about it because she realized Taiga and Ryuuji had feelings for each other, even before they did. I was on the verge of tears almost every time she was on screen after that.
      • This troper did cry every time she was on screen after that.
  • The last minute. The freaking last minute. Some people get angry because they didn't watch through all the credits so it's a downer ending until the last freaking 60 seconds which is the most heartwarming thing ever made in ever.
  • When Ryuuji and Ya-chan got in a fight was pretty damn sad.
  • After Yasuko confronts Ryuuji, almost all of her scenes in the last couple of episodes had this troper sobbing. All the struggles and hardships she's had to endure...
  • Really every episode after episode 19, it gets sad at the end.
  • The clapping scene
  • When Minorin roots for Ryuuji to chase after Taiga.

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