Tear Jerker: Tokyo Mew Mew

  • When Taruto dies.
  • The entire finale. Just... holy shit, the finale.
  • Okay am I seriously the only one who got upset when Kish dies? I mean, yes, he's been a bad guy the whole series and Ichigo's wonderful Stalker with a Crush but considering he died trying to protect her? He's still being his silly self but it's still also very emotional. read these pages for yourself. *starts crying again when she had to look for the links*
    • You are definitely not. Now if you'll excuse me, showing me those links has made me start crying. I honestly can't decide what's worse, manga or anime.
  • The end of episode 20 of the anime is especially sad. Pudding is sick through the entire episode and after getting better and taking care of the house and her siblings thanks to her sister's teacher she ask the teacher for a favor. She ask if could pretend to be her mother, who passed away years ago, for a moment and she agrees, Pudding then begins to cry and you can tell that was the first time she cried in a long time.