Tear Jerker / The Wind Rises


  • When Jiro is on the train after learning that Naoko is sick, he has tears falling down his cheeks onto the calculations he's writing.
  • Kayo chewing out Jiro for being away from his wife to design his plane before breaking down crying saying that she sees Naoko as a sister and will eventually perish from TB, for she has seen the tragedy firsthand, being a doctor and all.
  • The scene where Kayo fails to realize it was Naoko she saw walking down the road, only to find out moments after arriving at the house, and then finding a letter saying she's going back to the sanatorium to spare Jiro and the others the pain of watching her slowly succumb to her TB.
    Caretaker: (sobbing) She wants us to remember her as she was.
  • Jiro sensing the changing wind after the successful test flight, realizing that his wife is gone. He is unable to respond to the praises of the test pilot and his bosses.
  • Jiro's last dream, where in the ashes and rubble of the war in which his planes were used, he meets with Caproni to discuss how his dreams were realized before seeing Naoko one last time.
  • The English translation for the lyrics to "Hikoki Gumo", which plays during the end credits, is a massive tear jerker, since it's about how Naoko lived her life and her eventual death.
    • It gets even worse when you find out that Yumi Matsutoya wrote it when she was 16 as a tribute to a friend of hers that passed away.


  • "Hayao Miyazaki's Final Masterpiece" can come off as this, given that he temporarily retired shortly after this film was released.
  • About three years after the film's release, key animator Makiko Futaki passed away on May 13, 2016, and color designer Michiyo Yasuda would also die on October 5. It's sad watching this film, knowing that it was one of their last works.