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Tear Jerker: The Wee Free Men
  • The story of what normal, decent people are capable of doing to an old lady when they suspect her of being a witch (kill her cat, burn her cottage, leave her to starve). Tiffany's reaction, even years later, is heartbreaking. Pratchett is a master at describing the banality of evil.
  • The Drome in the Jolly Sailor dream, unexpectedly for a creature that had before that been depicted solely as predatory Paranoia Fuel.
    "It thinks it's home, Tiffany thought. I've given it a dream it likes."
  • When Tiffany defeats the Fairy Queen:
    "I never cried for Granny because there was no need to," she said. "She has never left me!"
    • There's also the part where Granny Aching appears to Tiffany. Before she died, Tiffany had given her a little china statue of a shepherdess, but worried that it might be taken as an insult because her grandmother looked nothing like it. When she appears, Granny Aching is wearing the statue's outfit - a sign of how much it meant to her anyway.
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